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Just a peek

I have been up to a lot of differnet things....yep...a lot of different things.  I might be busy with the not so new job that took over my life and swallowed me whole but is like oxygen and it sneaks in to my life through any crack or crevice it can find. I have decided that art does not have cumilate in a perfect peice of art and that "craft" is not a dirty word and not evey idea that I expound on has to originate in my pea brain and that....donggone it....I need to have more FUN!!!!! So- I made a mask for a friend.  Now, this may have been a slight regression, because it was to be a mask to obliterate all masks that have come before it.  Friend said- "Will you help me make a mask for my husband's work party?"  "Sure." I said.  "Let's work on it at work because I am kinda busy on the weekends."  "Great!" she said.  "I just want a little help because it's a contest."  380 degree turn of the head.  
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I might just be the best Mom ever!

  How dare I brag?  Well, I think it's pretty well known that anything I say- dramatically- which is how I say most everything- has to be taken with a grain of salt.  Or, feel free to just pour that white substance right on your tongue.  It may be necessary.    I had one of those ideas.  You know, the kind you do because your child must have the best of everything except that your wallet doesn't support that concept.  The kind of idea that takes months to execute and way-ay-ay too much money. I decided I would make Brooke a horse ranch.  All I needed was a 4x8 sheet of plywood.  I poured bottles and bottles of white glue all over it and pressed in sand to make "dirt".  (Who, besides me, tries to make dirt?)  I colored it up with spritzes of paints.  Then....well........   Well, there had to be a mountain for the horses to climb.  Every path must go somewhere, right?     Only this mountain has a secret cave where wild mustangs hide out.  Th
What is this?  It is the beginning of an idea.  A spark.  An inspiration.  A wiggly, itchy germ of an idea.  Its also a handmade bead that I purchased at a beading show that came to town.  I was told it was hand blown glass from India.  I told them it was part of a future sculpture.   Stay tuned for that one as life permits.

Come! Take a peek!

She's done.  Finnito!  Pardon my one zillion pictures but I am trying to decide which to submit. I will be submitting her to ADQ for consideration of publishing.  Are there any among these pictures you like better than others???  My poor old camera doesn't take such good pictures anymore.... And lighting is always an issue.   And the backdrop...well, I just couldn't get that one wrinkle to iron out. But she's done... What do you think?

Have you ever felt like ripping someone's head off?

I did!  And I did just that.  Poor Amy!  Poor Headless Amy! You see...I never really liked the end result of my first attempt.  I liked the idea....I  thought she would need some help navigating and a compass would certainly do that.  But for all my shopping I could not find the right size.  And it all looked a little...contrived...aye yie yie...the worst criticism other than "it's cute".  Those flowers had to go.... So one day I was walking by her and I said "That's it!  YOUR head is TOO SMALL!  It's coming off!"  and I ripped it off. This proportion is so much better, this timepiece found at an antique store.  I love the patina of the brass.  I did reuse the brass piece that says "Clover" I don't think you can see it but it is there.  I had to do a little repair work to her neck and shoulders so I added some blackish paint. The 7 Cent can opener and base are still way too cool. and Headless Amy still has a

Dead Bride Makes Comeback!

Or something like that.  I like to start my posts with a catchy title.  Shock and that radio guy with the long black hair...we like to use the old shock effect technique!   So this is the haunted War Bride sculpture I was making for the ADQ Bride challenge.  She was coming along nicely and got in the way.  Big, hairy, unforgiving life...sigh.... But truth be told I had a little creative block going on, as well.  I couldn't mesh her story line and a backdrop.    She sat on that trunk and just stared at me.  I started to make little suitcases to add in there but it seemed really forced.  And, really hard.  I didn't want to make suitcases.  Just plain didn't want to.  And I made the base look like wood planks and that wasn't working because I felt like she was waiting for someone to come to her...she would be on shore..on pavement or brick or such.  I couldn't wrap my head around it. But most of all I felt like it looked

Sharing the 9 to 5.

Wonder why I disappeared?  I really didn't.  I'm here.  I pop in to visit once in awhile.  But, alas, the real world has taken over.  If you want to be taken seriously you have to put in the time.  And I do want to be taken seriously as a designer- as long as I don't have to be too serious all of the time.  Below is a little bit of what I do.  This is a bathroom I drafted up.  First I did an elevation that I can order from.  It tells the mechanical story- what sizes, which style of cabinet and how I want them installed.  This drawing is first a selling tool and then becomes a communication drawing.  But that drawing in itself did not tell enough of the story.  In order to sell my concept I have drawn another type of drawing- a perspective.  Its not the best perspective out there in the world.  It doesn't have to be.  It just has to get the idea across.  This one, however, could not help itself but to turn out really cute!  Its the little boudoir chairs th