Sunday, November 4, 2012

She's so pretty!

I'm in that stage wherein I can not stop staring at this lady.  She is soo pretty!

If she looks a little grey around the gills- its because she's supposed to.  Remember- she's a ghost.  A haunted war bride.

She's waiting, trunk packed for her serviceman to arrive.  But sadly he never does.

 I thought I'd sew her dress on.  Instead I hot glued it.  Sewing and I don't mix well.

I challenged myself to use pieces and parts of some antique ladies dress gloves and believe me- I about went bonkers trying to create a dress.  Everywhere there was a pretty detail or pattern there was a seam as well!  
I have an embroidered hanky that will be her veil but I will show you that later.  The next steps will be creating the platform that she's attached to.  What will it look like? I don't have a clue!  I do know that I will paint the dress white (some of these gloves were badly stained) and then wash over it with grey.  I have to get her a little more ghostly looking.
Well, really, I have to get prepping for tomorrow's class.  Ugh.  Obligations keeping me from the tasks I want to do!!
Take care everyone!