Sunday, September 25, 2011

Just a few more pics from Art Prize!

I will add in the artist's names and more about their piece later...must go get my work done!!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

 Whew HOO!  We are excited!  For Art Prize!  I know, I know- you aren't here so its just not as exciting for you!  (By the way can you please pray for us in regards to that last adult tooth coming in and pushing those two front teeth together just a little more???)

This work is by artist Terry Brennen and is called "Dumpster Diver".  All of these sea creatures are formed from upcycled or repurposed 'junk'.  Thought you'd like to take a look- but look very closely to see what the pieces and parts used to be- because that's the fun part!

All of the fish you see here and the scuba diver are made from upcycled objects.  Can you see the baby carrier in the scuba diver's belly?  This man is crazy clever.

This tiny squid is one continuous piece of wire.

This artist has been a welder for forty years and this is his first work of art.  He spent a year on it.  Hmmm, sound familiar?

This is my Art Prize lovin' family.  Where do I fit in in this group?  I ask you- from what alien pod did I break free?

I think I should have been labeled with a disclaimer.  "Not for normal consumption."

So much more to share with you.  Things are going well.  The best part of standing next to my sculpture is when people look at it and then start smiling.  That's a great compliment!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Last Summer there was an alien in my yard.  

This summer she is finished.  A full fledged sculpture.

My first ever project of a large scale.

My most detailed endeavor.  Tons of planning and drawing and researching.
Every flower chosen for the element that I connect with.  Zinnia are so unapologetic, fervent and joyous.  Calla lilies are so very elegant and simple in their shape.  The leaves of the Calla Lily are just as strong and elegant as the blossom. 

So long I wondered just what was she all about.  She knew, she always knew.  But Art Prize made me give her a title which became= Life Cycle; bounty of joy and sorrow.  There's a long story that goes with the title.  All about stages in life from that of childhood dreams ( the ballerina) to soaring free as a young adult- (the dove) to realizing maturity and the strength that comes from knowing one's self.  Knowing where one has been, what has been and what is yet unknown but welcome.  That is what this sculpture has been about. 

I learned so much.  How to make hands.  How to create a face and a persona.

I had not  sculpted an animal before.

This one took a tumble down the stairs with me.

Because I always want to do everything all at once I decided that her finished appearance should be that of cloisonee`.  I used wire to outline the shapes of the leaves and planned that the shapes would be filled in to the point where they would seem that they might overflow.  But intrigued with the depth of the spaces I thought I should include glass because it has thickness and translucency all at once.  I had a local stained glass person crush glass into bits for me.  He was so tired of it that he quit 1/2 way through the project.  Turns out I had plenty- have plenty left over too!

Let's not forget that those flowers could not just be flat- oh no, they must have depth and dimension.  Turns out those sculpting tools they sell are really helpful for well- sculpting!

But she left me.  She was packed up in a large box and slid into the back of a vehicle and transported to her new home for the next two and half weeks.  She made the journey quite nicely.  I, however, have aged a decade- from nerves alone.  A years worth of work- late, late hours, a house neglected, a family perhaps neglected (they still love me- I think) thrown in the back  and driven way.

The neglected family looks well, considering.

I however, am tired and a little loopy.

It will be interesting to see what the next two and a half weeks bring!  Thanks for bearing with me during my absence :)  It will be just awhile before blogging gets back to normal.  I'll keep you posted as to what goes on at Art Prize.  Tonight I went to an opening party that seemed pretty benign- until the man who wore a suit coat and a tangerine skirt with matching pumps showed up.  Yep.  You can always count on a cross dresser to liven things up!  Artists!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Four Days.  F-O-U-R.

I am experiencing a "letting go" ness with the sculpture.  I know that she is done.  Well, she has to be, I'm out of time.  But a calm secure feeling of "she's done, really- she is and its time to just add some finishing touches."  No more changes, no color additions or re-painting.  She's done. 
This has been quite the journey- some where in the doodles came a concept.  The concept intrigued me- could I do this?  This amount of difficulty and detail, not to mention the size of it?  Somewhere along the way another question was answered and then a realization of the question itself.  Could I do this and by doing so consider myself, finally, an artist?  Was it a test?  Not really.  More of a struggle between my intrinsic self doubt and a conflicting whisper of a belief that yes, I already was an artist so being was just a matter of transition- transition of belief over doubt.
But the proof stands before me waiting for me to believe.  And, while I know I believe its a huge jump from wanting to be  (a real grown up artist!!!) and actually being one.  What are the expectations of one after they become an artist (let themselves be an artist)????  Will I be harshly disappointed with the reality of being an artist or will my heart sing like I think it just might?  Hmmmm....its scary and delicious all at once.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Child Labor Becomes Acceptable to Over Worked Mom- news at 6:00

I didn't think I was a proponent of child labor but it turns out I am.  I'm tired.  My house is dirty.  Places that we bathe need to be cleaned.  "Brooke!" I say "Grab the scrubbing bubbles spray stuff and some paper towels or an old wash cloth- you decide- and clean the outside of the toilet."  We like scrubbing bubbles in this house so at first I had a positive reaction.  But which?  the washcloth or the paper towels?  "I'd do the first go round in paper towels, if I were you, cuz you can throw those away.  Then use real hot water on the other...but you decide...however you do it is fine....."

"Wait......"  Dang it, I knew this was coming. My Brookie is a smart cookie.  "Do you mean the part where people sit down?"

Now, wait- before you get all worried- of course I won't have them handling actual toilet bowl cleaner because everyone knows that the minute you hand a minor a bottle of lye that they will trip over their own feet and spill it in their eyes- C'mon, I've seen every scary movie there is and even put together a few screenplays in my imagination!  Scrubbing bubbles are relatively harmless and fun.

"Honey....I know just how you feel.  When the people at the hospital were sending me home with a new baby (you) they said I had to clean you.  Of course I was excited and said I would....and then I said...Wait!  Do you mean the parts where the.........come out?"

"And they said 'yes' even those parts.  So I did.... but I do know how you feel honey.  Now, get to it!"   Which she did and then three hours later I re-did it because really, in terms of clean.....I think she found a way to clean the toilet from two rooms away, if you know what I'm sayin'.

Seven Days......S-E-V-E-N and I'm tired!!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Its officially a countdown!

Art prize begins Sept. 21 @ 6:00p.m.  My install appointment is Sept 18th at 2:00 pm.  I have 11 days.  Eleven.  E-l-e-v-en.  Just so you know- I can't breathe.