Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dead Bride Makes Comeback!

Or something like that.  I like to start my posts with a catchy title.  Shock and that radio guy with the long black hair...we like to use the old shock effect technique!  

So this is the haunted War Bride sculpture I was making for the ADQ Bride challenge.  She was coming along nicely and got in the way.  Big, hairy, unforgiving life...sigh....

But truth be told I had a little creative block going on, as well.  I couldn't mesh her story line and a backdrop.    She sat on that trunk and just stared at me.  I started to make little suitcases to add in there but it seemed really forced.  And, really hard.  I didn't want to make suitcases.  Just plain didn't want to.  And I made the base look like wood planks and that wasn't working because I felt like she was waiting for someone to come to her...she would be on shore..on pavement or brick or such.  I couldn't wrap my head around it.

But most of all I felt like it looked a little too much like the background I did for Sara Crewe not very long ago.  I think that was it.  That was really the sticking point.  So here's a new take.  She's a girl...sitting on a garden wall.....waiting for her lover to come to her...
She's still pretty greyish and I love that about her so...I don't she a ghost?  Maybe.  Do I just do a greyish theme?  I dunno.  We'll have to see.  Hey!  Do you like the back drop?  New comforter I scored on clearance for $50.00!  Best of all- same color as the doggie who likes to sleep on top of it!