Friday, July 22, 2011

We did not know this would happen....

when we woke up that morning!  We went to an appointment and stopped by a fabric store to look for upholstery remnants for a client of mine.  Of course we had to stop and look at the fabric that you can make quick little sundresses out of...its so cool!  Its already gathered at one end and literally all you  have to do is sew a side seam and sew a bottom seam and viola`- you have a dress.  But after handling it for a few minutes I sigh and tell the girls that, if only they had a different mother....they could, indeed, have a cute little sundress. But- sewing and I don't mix.  Its the foot pedal mostly.  I go from 0 to 60 on that thing and there's no in between.  I also go from 0 to b_ _ _ _ _ real fast when I try to sew.  Nope, not a good mix.  
But today as a put the fabric down a lady walked over to me and said...."Did you know they are having free sewing lessons down the road- today?  In half an hour?"

This is what ensued.  A very kind lady, with the patience of Jobe, helped my kids learn to sew!
Brooke was sure she could not go near the needles.  She said she would "LET" Kayla do it for her.  But when I came back (early) to pick them up (rescue the poor fools who took my children and let me run away to get my hair cut) there was Brooke at a machine!  Not afraid at all!  I did help her finish because her stitches   reminded me of a winding highway and I couldn't take it- damn perfectionist, I am.

This one was moving right along.  She was a little high strung (like me when I  attempt sewing before I remember why I don't do that craft)  about it but still very intent on getting herself a new dress.

The ladies very kindly helped them get ribbon straps on the dresses.  They claimed it was a fun day for them to have the girls around and asked us to come back next week.  Oh, we'll be there.  I need a three hour window of time where in I can shop for KILLER shoes for my 20th class reunion!  And as I have learned the hard way- its better to have no witnesses to Mommy Spending Money!!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

I know, I know!

You know- SOME PEOPLE just don't know when they are being obnoxious.  They just don't realize that its been all about them for way too long!  Me, me, me- blah, blah, blah!  Good thing I'm not one of those people!  I'm fully aware I'm obnoxious!  But I am too excited to use good judgement and blog about something else right now- or someone else... that would be nice, if I wrote about ANYONE besides myself, just once.....
but enough of that crap!  I just want to show you one thing from five different angles!  Why?  Because I just can't believe how well HER FACE is turning out!  (really- I'm even worried that I'll have a house fire or flood and all of this will be for nothing!)  So enough talking- here's 5 different pics of the same thing.  Tell me you think she's beautiful...I'll send a check in the mail, tomorrow, I promise. don't think she looks like the Virgin Mary do you?  I hear there's been a lot of sightings lately.  Hmm, art prize entry...or...newest way to prank people....oh, yes, I would.  You betcha!

Monday, July 11, 2011


I've been busy adding color to this woman for the last two weeks.  Remember I am not a painter!  I might be a painter in training.  Don't pay attention to her face- that's not war paint just some under shadowing of blue and green.  

This is a long way from finished and I am not sure those flowers will stay red.  What do you think?  They sure look nice in this picture.  I'm just not sure how they work in the overall scheme of things.

I love the front being green.  I am planning on the flowers on the left staying salmon but the little ones on the right might end up orange to balance the red.

The Calla Lilies will stay the way they are or if anything might get a little creamier.  The leaves are where the glass frit will lie.  I'm playing around with the idea of adding sand at the bottom and  tucking in some shells but....we'll see how it goes..

It really helps to see her in photographs.  Its a different perspective.  Right now I'm looking at the leaves above and realizing they can't all be the same color.  Some will have to be lighter and some will need to be darker to create some visual interest or it will all look like a blob of green.  Oh so much to learn.... in such a short time...yikes!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hey- what does razor burn look like

after its been sunburned?  Well, on my inner thigh it looked like an uncomfortable conversation with a physician!
"C'mon Doc!  You can tell it SMALL POX?  The BLACK PLAGUE?  Flesh eating virus? Roseolla?  Hepatitis C?  Measles?  Meningitis?  Tetanus- quick tell me!  I'm seizing up!"

"Ma'am....any chance it might be from shaving?"

"Well, if you want to stick your head in the sand and pretend there's nothing serious going on here then I suppose I may have shaved extra well for swimsuit attire."

"Any chance you may have...had to....umm, use the facilities...say outside while you were, enjoying the holiday?"


"Near tall grass?"

Gasp!!! "Oh my GOD!  I have Lymes disease!"  Damn those wild animals in this woodland paradise!"

"Did you say in the woods?"

"Well, I did go kayaking.  Not in the woods, of course, in the river but I visited the woods a few times."

Ma'am- I'm afraid...its either....poison ivy....."

GASP! "NO!  Say it isn't so, I'm terribly allergic and will have to go on steroids which will make me bloat up like that dead fish I saw and right before the wedding next weekend!  I'll be big, bloated and splotchy!"

"or...sunburned razor burn."

"Oh." " Yeah, it could be that."

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!  I'm hard at work getting color on the sculpture and it looks great but I have no think of clever things to blog about!