Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Have you ever felt like ripping someone's head off?

I did!  And I did just that.  Poor Amy!  Poor Headless Amy!

You see...I never really liked the end result of my first attempt.  I liked the idea....I  thought she would need some help navigating and a compass would certainly do that.  But for all my shopping I could not find the right size.  And it all looked a little...contrived...aye yie yie...the worst criticism other than "it's cute".  Those flowers had to go....

So one day I was walking by her and I said "That's it!  YOUR head is TOO SMALL!  It's coming off!"  and I ripped it off.
This proportion is so much better, this timepiece found at an antique store.  I love the patina of the brass.  I did reuse the brass piece that says "Clover" I don't think you can see it but it is there.  I had to do a little repair work to her neck and shoulders so I added some blackish paint.

The 7 Cent can opener and base are still way too cool.

and Headless Amy still has a zipper foot...I like her.  I feel like her.  Yes, done!