Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Just a peek

I have been up to a lot of differnet things....yep...a lot of different things.  I might be busy with the not so new job that took over my life and swallowed me whole but art.....art is like oxygen and it sneaks in to my life through any crack or crevice it can find.

I have decided that art does not have cumilate in a perfect peice of art and that "craft" is not a dirty word and not evey idea that I expound on has to originate in my pea brain and that....donggone it....I need to have more FUN!!!!!

So- I made a mask for a friend.  Now, this may have been a slight regression, because it was to be a mask to obliterate all masks that have come before it.  Friend said- "Will you help me make a mask for my husband's work party?"  "Sure." I said.  "Let's work on it at work because I am kinda busy on the weekends."  "Great!" she said.  "I just want a little help because it's a contest."  380 degree turn of the head.  "Whoa, back up the train...did you say contest?  Do you mind if I just take all this stuff home?"

And then I may have added a few things to it.  And when it was done....I put a bird on it.  And that's why they won the contest- because I put a bird on it- it's a sure thing.

I also made this sign for the Lone Willow Riding and Rescue.  I think it is super cute.  I had to glue on the horse shoe because my lettering was way off balance and leaning to the left.  I tried not to sweat it and just embrace the imperfection but unbalanced????  Yeah, I am just not that zen.

I might be remodeling the Lone Willow barn with the help of Pinterest using wooden pallets.  I call it "therapy".  The owner of the barn thinks I am nuts but has decided my therapy is working out well for her.  Below is my wellnes station.  Can you guess what is in the vintage lunch box???

This is the fam at the orchard which has become an annual destination for us.  The two tall guys on the right are Cousin Bobby and Cousin Jerry.  Why do we feel the need to add the descriptor before their name?  I don't know but we always have and probably always will.

Here is Bobby showing his softer side.

This is Jerry after I coached him to find his inner child.

This is Bobby falling prey to the call of his phone while smashed into a 50 gallon drum painted like a cow.  Yes- we did take the ride.

Ok, that's it for now...Hope you are all well and enjoying this beautiful fall.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

I might just be the best Mom ever!

How dare I brag?  Well, I think it's pretty well known that anything I say- dramatically- which is how I say most everything- has to be taken with a grain of salt.  Or, feel free to just pour that white substance right on your tongue.  It may be necessary. 


I had one of those ideas.  You know, the kind you do because your child must have the best of everything except that your wallet doesn't support that concept.  The kind of idea that takes months to execute and way-ay-ay too much money.
I decided I would make Brooke a horse ranch.  All I needed was a 4x8 sheet of plywood.  I poured bottles and bottles of white glue all over it and pressed in sand to make "dirt".  (Who, besides me, tries to make dirt?)  I colored it up with spritzes of paints.  Then....well........
Well, there had to be a mountain for the horses to climb.  Every path must go somewhere, right?
Only this mountain has a secret cave where wild mustangs hide out.
 This mountain is made out of chicken wire, paper mache, paper clay, real clay...ya know- everything I could get my hands on.  The rocks are made from that expanding spray foam insulation. 
And every horse ranch has a stable.

This was my first effort at barn raising.  I used the stock sizes of balsa wood an thin plywood that I could readily purchase at my local craft store.  Most of the decisions made were based on what was available in precut sizes. 

I have to say I am amazed it turned out.  I also have to say- I am glad it is done!  So is the Brookster.  She would have been happy with a cardboard box and sign that said "Horses" written in sharpie marker! (Oh, and the wallpaper on the ceiling?  Good ole' scrap booking paper!)