Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Crafts for the Kiddos

Here's just a little peak at some Christmas goodies for the stockings.
All of you craft enthusiasts will recognize the necklaces as pre-made, available at Hobby Lobby for 1.99.  The pendant is made on top of a ceramic plate from the miniature department of the same store.    I'm a big fan of using nail polish as paint.  It is, after all, an enamel!  See- its not what things are- its what they could be.....

I used various and assorted thingy-ma-bobs that I already owned to make up a dozen of these pendants.  The cupcakes are decorative brads from a scrapbooking store.  Those of you who remember Cherry Cupcake may recall what a cute brassiere they made.  I also used some shaped glitter that I had on hand.  Using clear nail polish I anchored the charm on the background and after that dried I added more layers in which the glitter floats.  When all is said and done, I intend to add a dollop of real resin to the top but honestly...I've used clear nailpolish for a lot of things and it holds up well.  Sometimes you just want a little bit of something (not chocolate, I never want a little bit- I want a lot!) and you don't want to have to mix it up either.

Some of the other charms are from broken pieces of jewelry- reuse, reduce, recycle!  A couple of these pendants went into gift baskets.  Two are earmarked for a certain couple of girls and the rest...well, if I ever do open that Etsy store...you'll see them there!  Will I ever get that store open????

I don't know but I'd like to leave you with the cutest conversation ever...

"MOM!" Said Brooke "Tell me all the states I've been to."  So I did.  "No, no!  I mean before I was born even.  Tell me all the states I've been." 
"Well," I said, a little confused "when you were in my tummy you went to New York to visit Aunt Jane."
"No, Mom, I mean... tell me ALLLL the states you've been to because I was always in your heart."
So I did.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Gift Ideas from Chris

You know I miss you all in blogger land.
I'm a little behind in my Christmas preparations so I can't spend much time with you.  (Yes, I know- I look very old and my hair is very short.  Read back a few posts to understand my problem with anxiety and hair cutting.)

But its that time of year where "pleasers" like myself feel obligated to not just "make people happy" but to make them "over the moon in joyous rapture" at their gift.  
See Exhibit (A) below.
Yes, that is Chinamommy.  

Now see Exhibit (B) below.

Eeesshh!  Wowsza!  She couldn't even fake liking her Pareo.  (That's a fancy name for scarf big enough to wrap yourself in.)

"Why don't you like it?"  I whined?  "Its a very popular color scheme!  See?"

See?  Even major industries approve of this attention grabbing color scheme. 

And speaking of attention grabbing...That yellow is a safety feature built right in!  See?  The very same shade is used to mark dangerous curbs so people don't trip right into oncoming traffic!  And to guide you into the nearest gas station when you need to fuel up.

Well, Christmas Children everywhere, it was a bad deal.  No sale.  So, to save you the dis-appointment of being the "BAD gift giver" I have decided to offer up some suggestions for gift ideas.

I'd like to start with the "Forever Lazy" Jumpsuit.  Its warm and snuggly.  Its for grown ups.  You don't even have to take it off to go potty 'cuz there are places that unbutton for things like that.  You can go anywhere in this little outfit.  Like the nearest "All You Can Eat" buffet. 

Next- here's the very next "As seen on TV" invention- be the first to own one-
(And yes, that is Kristi, from Cheeky Green Designs)

Cuz, sometimes, you have to get that bottle open, no matter what.....
This handy device comes in several stages of decomposition- from slightly rust to very rusty to covered in grease and oil.  Trust me, standards ARE flexible when necessary.

If you don't like those choices or your recipient is male consider this.....

Or....a favorite every year.....SPAM Sandwiches!!!

But all in all, you shouldn't worry about your gift choices too much.  Christmas isn't about that.  Its about moments.  Like this one.

Just in case you don't hear from me before hand- I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Headless Amy Is No Longer Naked!

I thought you's be relieved to see she's decent!  She has a little black dress made from gessoed tissue paper and undies as well.  Whew! (I said it for you.)

She also has eyes!  And a 'faux' head to wear on top of her neck.  Working on the arm replacement but not quite finished.  But, please notice her oh- so- stylish hand bag made from a mettallic brillo pad.

I am working so backwards on this one!  I have to paint her which will be more difficult now that she's clothed.  I have to toss around the idea of coloration.  After all- if you've been decapitated your complexion may not be so rosy or peaches and cream.  Any thoughts?