Friday, January 20, 2012

There is good news, I promise!

Hey there!  So I have been a little sickly...or a lot sickly lately.  So I thought- what ever do I blog about?  
The cough that that won't go away and must be like doing a  half dozen sit ups with every hacking outburst?  The fact that I can't go 10' without a box of tissues but I ran out of those and descended to a roll of toilet paper?  The part where I promised to do nothing but rest last night right after I drove through slippery roads and 7 degree temperatures to take one girl to singing lessons and came home to find the other had not showered, wrapped her gift for the sleepover birthday party or even packed her clothes to take with her?  How I tried to make her sleep over clothes easier to carry by putting them in a 'space bag' and sucking out the air with a vacuum but the bag was old and it took me three times to realize I wasn't gaining ground on the problem, meanwhile, said child had fallen fast asleep?  I could go on and on about the indignities of all the weeks past but I won't.  Those who know me understand the ongoing conflict between me, life and my quest for dignity.  Life is winning.

But!  Hold your horses!  There's some light at the end of the tunnel!  Because before the trip for singing lessons and the battle with a space bag I did stop at the mail box to find.....
not ONE, but TWO issues of Art Doll Quarterly.  What does this mean?  Well, its early for one thing.  And that there was two?  Well, put the two clues together and it means that I get an extra issue because I was published in this issue!!!!

I sent in this art doll for the Bottle Doll Challenge.  And they chose to publish it!!!  Now before you get too excited its a rather small picture on the lower corner of a page.  But guess what?  IT COUNTS!!!  I was published for the second time!!!!!!  Yee ha!!!!

Yep, it was a small picture so I am using my photos- wrinkled background and all! 

But you want to know what the really cool thing is?
I belong to Cloth and Clay dolls- you can see the button on the right side of my blog.  Its a group of art doll artists.  Some of us belonged to a a group within Cloth and Clay that decided to answer Art Doll Quarterly's Challenge to create and art doll.  I count 8 that were published with the addition of one who was asked to do an article about her piece.  

I would love, love, to scan and share with you all of those photos but my pc that works with my scanner is in the hospital having a very nasty virus removed.  Now, why can't I have that done???  

So that's all for now, hope you guys are all well.  I'm working on a small commissioned piece that came about because of Art Prize and thinking of all the other art doll pieces I can submit to Headless Amy and my version of Sara Crewe for the Story Book Character Challenge.  What's going on in your world?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hey there!

I need to call in sick for a few days, folks!  I have some news for you when I get back to my old self!!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Headless Amy Redux

Folks, I think that means 're-do'.  I know the word only from some movie title- not one that I watched but one that I decided didn't look like it would be worthy of the brain cells it would take to watch it.  And, after that presumptuous statement- I really do hope I used it correctly or at least with style.

After stalking my own post about me, err- I mean Headless Amy, I realized there were a couple of glaring problems.  The floofy ribbon had to go- too much, it was interfering with the elegant line of her neck and compass/head.  I feel much better- don't you?

I dressed up the cage and handle a bit.  I think that turned out nicely.

And sadly, as much as I liked the idea of a mascara brush for an arm- it also was just a touch too much.  Amy is now down to just that 7 cent can opener and some suitcase keys. 

 If you are in doubt of my decision let me tell you I was highly influenced by CoCo Chanel's advice- "Put on all your jewelry and accessories and then...take the last piece off."

I did add some bling to her coat and a nice belt to her dress.  (Sorry CoCo- it seemed appropriate.)

Speaking of 'appropriate' I am very worried about my 80 year old daughter.  I mean 8- eight- year old daughter.  I figured out how to load music on to her i-pod shuffle that she received for Christmas.  First you down load it onto your computer and then copy it to her device, right?  Except that I couldn't figure out how to single out her teeny-bopper tunes and ended up downloading all my music as well as hers.  So, imagine my self doubt when I, standing in the kitchen, hear her proclaim loudly to herself, in the living room, as she scrolled through her new music- "Oh no, I'm not EVEN listening to that!  Its just not APPROPRIATE!!!!"  

Now, really- which one of us is the adult?  Cuz, only one of us just created a self portrait doll that has her head in a cage and a can opener for an arm....

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Headless Amy Lives!!!

Here she is, Folks!!!!  For the most part she is finished!!!!  These pics don't really show that she has a greyish tone to her skin and a small amount of crackle-ing here and there.

I have to fix the handle to the birdcage.  I have to adjust her bionic arm so that all the parts and pieces are hanging just so.  Her arm consists of a paint can opener that cost my father 7cents once upon a long ago time, a mascara brush and two suitcase keys.  A thimble covers up her neck stump.  (Creepy saying that!)
I just painted the wagon handle.  I don't like the ribbons in the back but they are there to hide a plastic part on the back of the compass.  Too me the ribbon is a step too much.   Don't likey.

What do you think of her head???  I'm pretty happy with everything- the hair, her eyes and her expression.  

Check out her boot.  Its made with wire mesh armature and then I sculpted a 'shoe' over it.  Didn't know I was a footwear designer, did you?

You are probably wondering what the heck is going on with the base she's standing on.  Well, if you remember her story its based on (me) a lady who is so busy trying to be all and do all but life has gotten away from her especially since she lost her head.  She remains undaunted and continues on with her life because- well, what else is she to do???
So with a few household items, safety pins, screws she puts herself together.  She even manages to remain somewhat fashionable.  

I think we have all felt like Headless Amy at some point or another.  For me it seems like forever now that I have just forged forward simply ignoring the obstacles in my way.  I've paid the price- just like Amy.  And, I like to think once in awhile I can pull together the small miracle of fashionable style.

So that's Amy.  Headless Amy.  A few minor adjustments and she'll be done!  Hope you like her!