Sunday, January 31, 2010

The question was- do you think the blue wash I put over her face and shoulders was too much? Did the blue tones fight with the overall warmth of everything else? But you can't see in these pictures that there is a blue wash! There, I just added one that I took with the flash on- its the top one of the three. What do you think? Is she beautifully imperfect? I hope so but I do think I will tone the blue down a touch! Please comment! Sometimes I go too far and ruin a good thing....

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sculpture update

Hi all!
Just wanted to quickly post these and then I'm off to rest up. Here's how the newest lady is progressing. What do you think of her color? I am quite happy and hope I can keep the yellow/rusty color but as things progress it may change... she'll tell me. I tried a new paint called Glimmer Mist. You spritz it on. Its the burgandy color you see at the bottom of the cloak and also the moss I am trying to represent. How easy is that? Spritz, wait, spritz again. The green vine? Not so easy. I wrapped floral wire with green floral tape, twisted some wire to make leaves and then applied paper clay to give them better form. Then I painted them and will probably paint them again. Next I think I'll tackle her facial features. Anyhoo, just wanted to share her with you!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Coffee date, anyone?

My friend Chinamommy asked if I was planning to meet her for coffee today. I thought I'd explain my lack of communication last week before I answered her.

Last week- Monday, went to Kayla's dr. appointment to re-evaluate results from checking her levels of the adhd medicine. The first set of levels came back as showing no drugs in her system. Hmm, I blamed the lab. The second set of levels came back the same way. Spent Monday and Tuesday envisioning a scenario wherein some one at the drug factory made false copies of the highly sought after amphetemine and stole the real ones to make meth out of- or speed or what ever. Wondered what authority I should call- FBI, CIA, DEA, GHOSTBUSTERS or even Lifetime television with my idea for their next made for tv movie- sexy, smart wonder mother unwittingly uncovers drug cartel exchaning perscription meds for placebos. Hmmm.

Tuesday, talked to work-mate Linda who called her son the genius medical student. He agreed, sounded very suspicious. Called her pharmacist who is a bio-chemist. She shot my conspiracy theory out of the sky like a pheasant in pheasant season. HMMM, what is physically wrong with Kayla that she is "not metabolizing" (Dr's words- far less exciting than my drug ring fantasy) OH, I KNOW- maybe something related to food allergies that I can't get anyone to help me with as "kids usually grow out of these" "Keep a food diary of everything she eats and correlate that with episodes of stomach discomfort" (why don't I just climb to the top of a building and jump off, it would be easier)?

OK, complete overload of what ifs and whys. Time to think of something else. Me? Sure, make a Dr's appointment to have that pesky ear that's crackling flushed and to just ask about these vague chest pains occurring since before T-day but were sure to disappear after the Christmas craziness was over.

Amazingly they have a cancellation at 7:15. I take it figuring that I can get to Alpine to meet Mark and girls to buy said girls new boots at Kohls. Amazingly they are on sale for 20.00, score! Pretend to take girls to bathroom, shop shoes instead- lots of clearance in my size.....can't load up with out the hubby knowing, damn. Have one hour before appointment, we go to taco hell.

I race to my doctors on Plainfield. Amazingly my blood pressure reading is quite high by then. (really? so was the number they told me when i got on the scale!) So then I tell them that while yes i need my ear flushed there's this other thing as well... I answered all her questions and she tells me that my answers are concerning....(perhaps, but maybe not as concerning as my discovery of the drug ring-is this a good time to run my conspiracy theory by her??) my blood pressure hasn't gone down much in this half hour so she orders an ekg. Perfectly normal results from that, of course. Then I get my ear flushed, spill the container of water all over myself as I forget my only part of this is to sit still and hold the container up by my ear. Ooops!

So I go home, eventually tell my husband the part about the chest pains at which time- wait for it Misschell, you know its coming- he immediately finds a way to tell me how its my fault for staying up so late on the computer and doing art-God Love Him, he's dependable. After every one goes to sleep I dig through boxes to find an at-home- blood- pressure- taker- machine. An hour later I finally decided perhaps I should read the directions because this is confusing! And ever since I have been taking my blood pressure like some people snort cocaine- often and on the sly. I have convinced myself I am dying and that I will be dead before the stress test on the 26th. I am pretty sure that my bp would go down if I would stop thinking about it.

Perhaps I should go back to figuring out how to solve the mystery of the non-absorbing adhd do we know its not working...if in effect, its not getting in her system (the doc wanted to take her off of it because obviously she should be doing better- she scored poorly on the test I had to take for her and that was without mentioning the stealing) I refused as in my mind its the only thing keeping her alive and me out of prison.

Also, amazingly, when during my art therapy seminar I was paired up with the counselor and she started to suspect there might be turbulence beneath my calm waters I was able to divert the conversation back towards her and some of her life issues. Pretty slick, I say, don't mess with the master, we won't have enough time in this day to even start explaining my issues and I left my graphs, pie charts and laser pointer at home.

Hmm, coffee?
I can't decide, can I get back to you?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Remember her? I have picked up from where I left off. It doesn't look like I have gotten very far but I have hours into her face, hours, I say- dramatically! I have smoothed out the "fabric" and in doing so discovered a new favorite way to use my favorite tool= paper clay. Paper clay is as its name would suggest. A mix of finely ground clay and finely ground paper mulch. It is workable in many consistencies- straight out of the bag it feels like doughy clay. Mix a little water in with it and it will slip around in a very nice way. Mix it into more water and you have paste. I used a paintbrush and painted the last coat on the "fabric" and will now have very little sanding to do to it if any.

I also bulked out her body, giving her legs some more realistic shape, some shape to her shoulders and oh yeah, I gave her boobies. When I stood back and looked at her I thought- hmm, she's obviously not wearing a bra so I used my thumbs and squished them down a little- hey, its my sculpture and I can pick and choose where to be realistic- right? I still have to work on her arms and give her some hands.

The hair is made of polymer clay (which I hate but its a means to an end until something else comes along) over wire mesh. Did I say I hate polymer clay? I covered it up with a layer of pasty paper clay so that it will take paint better. By better- I mean I hate polymer clay and the way it paints up.

Now I have to figure out how to make her stand up nicely on her pedestal. I drilled through her foot and through the clay and will wire them together. I will also wire the two points where the fabric hits the base. I fear that it will not be enough and someone will move her and she'll snap at the foot so I intend to create some "roots" out of wire that will wrap up and around her legs- which ties into "her story."

All of my sculptures start from a drawing. The drawing expresses and explores a concept message. I knew hers had something to do with stripping away all that is un-true in the way we see ourselves and looking honestly at ourselves- the good the bad and the ugly and realizing that nothing about us is unforgivable and most about us is lovely or lovable.

So here's her story-

The wind blew unrelenting and worked away her false walls. When only a foundation remained beneath her- she could feel the light fall across her shoulders, warming her. She stood strong in the light knowing it as truth and roots grew bonding her securely to this new place of unadorned honesty.

I wish I didn't have to work so could stay up all night working on her- in my art studio, all by myself....

Friday, January 1, 2010

Eye Candy

I'm pleased to report that my faux photo session at the art gallery went well. I brought all my display tricks with me- stones, marbles, moss, fabric, extra lights everything I could carry in two totes. I have to say these may possibly be the best photos I have ever taken. Considering I have no training and no "tools" other than my amazing little camera- a Cannon Eos Rebel 8mm, I was tickled by the results.
Oops- who to site for the actual piece? Umm, Barb Musil is the artist behind the lovely dragonfly pendant and the blue bowl- I think. The others I have yet to assign a name to. My bad, I'll get there....
I guess what I like the best of these few is the back lighting- it feels romantic. Anyhow, I was soo excited that I had to share with you all at least a few-ok, I am a freak- I took like 130 all together, consider me restrained for only showing you 5! And yes, I am available for hire!