Thursday, June 14, 2012

Michigan Series

Helloooooo!  I feel like I have been away.  Away in the basement anyways.  The last couple of weeks of school are crazy- I think everyone knows this.  Field trips, field day, class parties, locker cleanout....and officially this is the first week I have been a full time parent.  The girls are still alive but was touch and go on that!  I was so mad that when we went to the gym (still HATE any kind of exercise because it takes to long and is yucky and boring- who likes to sweat, really?) I made them walk around the outdoor track twice and told them if they complained or fell behind we'd do it three times.  I think they know when I'm at the end of my rope- there was no complaining.
So back to the basement- this is the next mixed media piece I thought I'd try.  Its not finished but I wanted to share with you.  I've taken to driving around staring into the ditches for certain grasses and weeds.  FYI- the grasses are taller than they appear and you should wear pants to do this...   I've brought home quite a few extra friends with me and probably have several more in the car.  I'll do a lot for art but if I find a big hairy spider on my leg I will scream bloody murder and dance around.
I'm calling this series of work- A Long Road Home.  (By the way!!!!!  I sold the first one and have a commission to do another of the same!  Am I officially an artist yet???) 

Why this name?  Well, I've always felt I wasn't really "from Michigan" because I wasn't born here.  Don't you have to be born somewhere to be from there?  And the town I lived in growing up was very small and everyone was born there- so I imagined, anyways.  My Mom was 'from New York' where she was born.  My father was born in the area.  I was born in Minnesota but can't remember a thing about it because my father was stationed in California soon after I was born.  Yep, for a short while I was a Navy brat. 
Its silly to feel like I'm not 'from there' as I have lived in Michigan since second grade.  I know this.  And Michigan will always be 'home'.  As an adult my immediate family and I moved to a larger city and I really like it here.  I get bored easily and here I have the ability to entertain myself.  I have decided that I really never should live more than 25 miles from a book store or art supply store ever again.

In this series ("series" cuz I can tell that I am a long way from being done with these) 'home' is a state of mind.  We all see things in nature that remind us of home.  A certain kind of tree or a grouping of trees and the way they grow.  A wide open field.  A sunset dropping into the horizon.  ( I try not to look at those while driving- you can miss certain the road ending....I'm just saying...)

I also imagine that coming home can mean a return to one's authentic self.  We can get so lost in who others want us to be, tell us to be.  We can try to be someone else living a life that looks a certain way.  But sooner or later if this life doesn't fit we find ourselves in an unsatisfied, unhappy state.  I describe that feeling as 'itchy'.  Something not right about you and wishing you could jump in the shower and wash it away.  But I know for some its a deeper more profound sadness.  I, myself, have been way off course for a long time.

A journey is documented by markers.  Like this...

              I came this far and paused.  I could see the next place that I want to be on the horizon  and in just a little bit I will continue on.  But for now, I need to be here just a little longer. 

 That's what this piece feels like to me.  A place I stopped to look around and take stock of my life and surrounding.

Wow.  I'm so deep in the morning.  I should get up early more often!