Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Whew hoo! I'm in!

The other day I picked up my mail and found this...

And I was a little sad because I have been waiting for some kind of notification.... a yes or a no.  I had submitted a tiny doll for the tiny doll challenge.  I waited paitiently.  It killed me.  No e-mail.  No returned package.  No Dear John letter.

So when I realized the issue with the challenge results had arrived my heart sunk a little.  I guess that was my notification.  My tiny submission would probably be returned to me shortly.  I would have to decide to buck up and remember you get a lot of no's before you get a yes.

But in typical Chris fashion I had to peruse ADQ before I even got out of the car.  Yes, its that bad for me....I have no will power.... I have to give it a look over......I mean really, they had me at the cover!  That's artist Sherri Debow's art work.  All I can say to describe it is wow!  The detail, the concept, the color palette- I'm in awe.  Plus we're both members of Cloth and Clay Dolls, so not to brag but its almost like we're buddies.   Well....ok, that may be a stretch!  But whatever- she's fabulous!

So here's the spread on the Tiny Doll challenge.  I gave it a glance.  And then- another and then I screamed and scared the beJeezus out of the girls in the back seat.  Because tucked in real close to the centerfold.....

was Emmaline and Pernella!  In print!  Me!  My work!  Someone liked it enough to photograph it and publish it!
And then....I saw this....
and screamed again.....and my girls asked "Mom....can we get out of the car now?  You're scaring us."

I called my friends and screamed in their ears.  They were happy but deafened.  Thankfully, I remembered my manners enough to ask about them and their lives so they still even like me.  I had to take the magazine with me when we went to swim lessons at the Y.  I used the bike whatchamacallit machine so that I could read the magazine while pretending to exercise.  My knees are killing me because I was on it for 1/2 an hour and that's a mean thing to do to out-of shape knee caps!  Don't worry- I wasn't feeling any pain I was too busy petting my ego!

And here is lovely Emmaline and her steadfast companion Pernella.  I am sure she is on her way back home to me.  We'll be glad to see her.  And yes, I'm still jumping up and down with happiness!


  1. thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog and leave a comment, it is much appreciated :)

    your blog is awesome, will be back :D


  2. Fantastic.... huge big massive pat on the back girl.... well done you... I'm really pleased for you... wow gorgeous doll... you might want to get earplugs for your darling little ones....on second thoughts, pray tell why were your darling little ones not jumping up and down and screaming what a fantastic Mummy they had?....

  3. Congratulations !!!
    By the way : I LOVE your blog's design.
    By the way #2 : Thanks a lot for your comments on my blog ;o)

  4. Catherine- I know! They were only 1/10 as excited as me! And, thank you- they do have a great mother!

  5. WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congratulations Chris!! I am so very happy for you! I have to go right now and order this online since the one store locally that carried ADQ quit selling it :( I bet you are walking on air :)

  6. That is freaking awesome! You are freaking awesome! I can't imagine how amazingly wonderful that felt for you, but you deserve it. Relish your wonderfulness for as long as possible. Preferably with a really good beer. Or a martini.

  7. Yayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!1 Congrats Chris!!!! Your dolls are faboulous!!! Big hugs

  8. Oh you guys! You're so nice to me!!! Thank you and right back at you- you fabulous women!!!!

  9. Congratulations! That's fabulous news. Keep up the good work.

  10. Awww!
    Bless you Christine, for making it into the 'tiny doll' challenge in ADQ...
    I am the same way with ADQ even when I know I haven't submitted any dolls. I immediately open it up in my car, as I can't WAIT to see what is inside every issue right after I buy it! What a lovely surprise to be published.(But I can't figure out why they didn't notify you about being published? Yeah, and it takes about three months for them to send you dolls back to you too, but it's worth all of the effort!!!).
    Congrats! again
    Of course you know I'm in Cloth and Clay too. Meep! Meep!
    Teresa in California

  11. Aghrrrrr - I'm screaming with you!! How exciting and of course well deserved too.

    Fab news.

    Quick, make another!

  12. How exciting! I love your work. Congratulations!

  13. Hi Christine,
    Oh so Much Congratulations to YOU!
    I love your blog, when I read your words, I smile, and feel like you are in the room with me, oh so fun!
    I get my doll hair at a wig shop, they sell hair (real and synthetic)
    some wigs shops are over priced, so be careful, I can get a whole package of hair (synthetic looks just like real)$20-$30, a package of wefted hair (that means it's hair one would use for a weave. It comes in a really long piece , the hair is sewn into the weft, I have used the strip of hair on the weft and I also have cut the hair off the weft. If I use the weft, with hair left on it, I have to create a headband with small flowers/ or whatever, to hide the strip A weft is like a tiny sewn strip. google hair for waeving. I used to get hair online at His and Her Studio, they have good prices.


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