Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Little Summer Fun Followed By A Little Summer Anxiety!

  Yep.  Got a  little goin' on...

First off-

 Anything to keep these two busy!
 Very first overnight camp- thought I'd be really anxious. 

Turns out- not so much!

A few family reunions 

 with a few too many pictures taken....

A little surf and sand and a husband who says "Back up...I'll get the bay in the background."   Hmmm ... looks like we're in the background and those flip flops are are pretty much the focal point of this picture.  No wonder I'm always behind the lens!


There's been some art....

And then there's this lady.  This is the final on her face-
because if I don't get this done....
Their gonna lock me away in the funny house!

Oh yeah, because I just don't have enough going on....
Remember this?  The birdcage never quite made it on this lady's head but.....I did not throw it out.  Actually I lost it and finally found it under the treadmill when I was dusting.
And how I decided that my personal style was "Art Noveau-ish"????
Well, there's a little project going on for a submission in Art Doll Quarterly....if it gets done and mailed to arrive by Sept. 15th.  

Now back to feeding my anxiety...(Kidding, I'm not anxious, seriously, one little comment about twisting someone's blobby little head off their blobby little shoulders and placing it elsewhere in their anatomy and suddenly you're the talk of the family reunion!!!)


  1. Hi ...your lady is looking just beautiful... Lol re holiday photos...I always took the photos too...my ex husband was hopeless... Oh yes, girlies take up lots of time but it's fun, most of the time...Mine a grown up and they have boyfriends and friends that entertain them now......so enjoy while you can....Oh family reunion I love your family reunions...they always make me laugh... sorry... hope you have a good day... :)

  2. Looks like you've had a busy, yet productive summer. I wish I could say the same:)

  3. hahaha ! I smiled and giggled all the way throughout your humorous post ! Glad you had summer fun and how funny you weren't so anxious on overnight camp !!! LOL The picture of you with focused clear flipflop hahaha! The sculpture turned out SO FAB !!! So glad you got it done.. I would so miss you if you were locked in funny house :D
    Thanks for the blast through this post ! xoxoxo

  4. Wowza you have a lot of creative juices flowing over here! Very cool! I have 3 girls so I know about keeping them busy.

    Thanks for stopping in last week for the Alexa Blog Hop. As promised and why Alexa works is that we actually visit those who stop in and leave a comment! I'm running a week behind but here to say HI and thanks for linking up. I'm your follower.
    Hope you have a great weekend and stop in weekly and link up!
    xoxo Susieqtpies

  5. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm love to keep those to busy, naked 24/7 never leave my bed


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