Monday, July 11, 2011


I've been busy adding color to this woman for the last two weeks.  Remember I am not a painter!  I might be a painter in training.  Don't pay attention to her face- that's not war paint just some under shadowing of blue and green.  

This is a long way from finished and I am not sure those flowers will stay red.  What do you think?  They sure look nice in this picture.  I'm just not sure how they work in the overall scheme of things.

I love the front being green.  I am planning on the flowers on the left staying salmon but the little ones on the right might end up orange to balance the red.

The Calla Lilies will stay the way they are or if anything might get a little creamier.  The leaves are where the glass frit will lie.  I'm playing around with the idea of adding sand at the bottom and  tucking in some shells but....we'll see how it goes..

It really helps to see her in photographs.  Its a different perspective.  Right now I'm looking at the leaves above and realizing they can't all be the same color.  Some will have to be lighter and some will need to be darker to create some visual interest or it will all look like a blob of green.  Oh so much to learn.... in such a short time...yikes!


  1. Oh wow....she's the colours and really love the red...really catches the eye....I think you have done a fantastic job...I'm blown away...

  2. Why, thank you Catherine! I'm working on painting her face this week and Love how its turning out. But- freaked myself right out because I painted the whites of her eyes but no pupils or iris and then later that night came downstairs and she looked like she came right out of a scary ghostie movie! Yikes!

  3. She's lovely:) I think your doing a wonderful job painting her.

  4. Amazing! I agree on the orange flowers, but I really like orange and not pink. Callas are wonderful - they were my only wedding flower. Just a few of them for all of us to carry. She really is turning out so amazing, and I love how you still have this stream of ideas to make her complete!


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