Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hey- what does razor burn look like

after its been sunburned?  Well, on my inner thigh it looked like an uncomfortable conversation with a physician!
"C'mon Doc!  You can tell it SMALL POX?  The BLACK PLAGUE?  Flesh eating virus? Roseolla?  Hepatitis C?  Measles?  Meningitis?  Tetanus- quick tell me!  I'm seizing up!"

"Ma'am....any chance it might be from shaving?"

"Well, if you want to stick your head in the sand and pretend there's nothing serious going on here then I suppose I may have shaved extra well for swimsuit attire."

"Any chance you may have...had to....umm, use the facilities...say outside while you were, enjoying the holiday?"


"Near tall grass?"

Gasp!!! "Oh my GOD!  I have Lymes disease!"  Damn those wild animals in this woodland paradise!"

"Did you say in the woods?"

"Well, I did go kayaking.  Not in the woods, of course, in the river but I visited the woods a few times."

Ma'am- I'm afraid...its either....poison ivy....."

GASP! "NO!  Say it isn't so, I'm terribly allergic and will have to go on steroids which will make me bloat up like that dead fish I saw and right before the wedding next weekend!  I'll be big, bloated and splotchy!"

"or...sunburned razor burn."

"Oh." " Yeah, it could be that."

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!  I'm hard at work getting color on the sculpture and it looks great but I have no think of clever things to blog about!


  1. Ouch! They are bad enough on their own!

  2. Hope your um...rash is better..a sarong will help with beach attire...just hope your not walking like John Wayne...

  3. Why yes, Catherine, I was walking a little funny because I had every kind of balm I could find in my house slathered on!

  4. Well that was "something" to blog about. Funny description.


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