Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Read this if you are thinking of eating your young.

I should tell you the tooth fairy had to double her payout because she got distracted and forgot her duties.  But this note was found next to the tooth.  How sweet is this kid?  Well, she does stuff like this all the time.  That's how sweet.  And she's my number one fan.  But then I'm hers.  The new music on the blog- first song is called Lullaby by the Dixie Chick (most likely the only country song ever to be found on my blog- I'm a rock and roll kinda girl) but the first time I heard it I fell in love and now I own my very own Country music CD.  Listen to it- you'll tear up, I promise!
  Short post I know, I'm very behind must catch up on other duties...
1.  Vertigo- under  control but it reminds me once in awhile its still lurking- like when I turn around real fast.  2.  Art stuff.....working on Big Little lady but must wait to post.  She has hair.
3.  Do you like the new look on the blog?  I have organized pages and who doesn't like organization????
4.  Summer stuff- went Kayak-ing, took Kayla for her first time- she did well.
5.  Storms every other day- argh!  Washed out roads all over the place!  Still better than so many others have it!
6.  Must get on finding a venue for art prize- must!  Ok, will check back!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Vertigo is not fun.

It sounds sophisticated, though, doesn't it?  But alas, unplanned vertigo is not fun.  But the medicine they give you to fix it????  Lets just say it- I like it.  I do.

 I'm hoping I have to be on it for awhile even though several things are suffering.

1. My typing.  Not good on a normal day, even more skittish these days.  For instance, I am going backwards in my typing to delete just as much as I am going forward.  Another for instance- the letter 'u' added to sophisticated makes it soup-histicated.  Better or worse? You decide.  And if you leave out the p in hoping- makes the word mean something entirely different than I intended.  REALLY- this typing bit is hard!

2.  Decision making.  Not that I care if I actually make a decision- I don't.  For instance it confuses my husband when I answer him like this.  "maybe."  "what do you mean?  Do you want to or not?"  "Maybe," I say. "Maybe I do, maybe I don't, I'm not sure.....but whatever, you decide- I'm ok with it, really, I'm ok"  He took that as a yes, I know, you're surprised.

3.  Decision making.  I just had to leave you there for a minute to clean up dog urp.  Who gave her fried chicken anyways?  Everyone knows dogs can't digest that deep fried goodness.  Oh that's right- I did.  But it was good- I just thought she'd like a little.

4.  Judgement.  I know, it sounds a little like decision making.  But this is something I am thinking of doing, I haven't done it yet so if I am totally off the planet here just tell me.

We have a huge patch of lawn that has been consumed by dandelions.  The ratio of dandelions to blades of grass is overwhelming.  As quickly as husband mows down a bunch of those white-seed-filled orbs a whole new crop appears- with in hours.  I have an idea.

 I think I am going to go out there with my little hand held vacuum and suck up all the puffy seed blossom things.  What do you think?  I realize that I'll have to do it more than once.  My thought process is that I am creating a broken link in the chain of reproduction.  Right?  Like if all the rabbits are re-populating but unbeknownst to them the girl rabbits had some birth control pills mixed in with their pellets and a few rounds of baby rabbits never came to be- think how the rabbit population would change.  So- do you think the vacuuming could work?  Do you?

Hey folks-

I'm working on a little re-design of the ole' blog.  I want to include more readily accessible pictures of my art but can't decide if I want pages.... or slideshows or three columns vs. two...so bear with me while all of my personalities compete for some time in the spotlight.  I'll reign them in after I know what the heck I'm doing!!!  OOH- comments are welcome if you have any ideas how to make this site cooler- let me know ((I always wanted to be cool, I did, I was just pretending I didn't care......)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Finally finished, just in time!

For the Cloth and Clay group's Story Book Challenge I chose Sara Crewe from A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett. The story is about a the daughter of a diamond mine owner who sends Sara to a seminary for young girls in England. Things change suddenly when the diamond mines stop producing and believing he has lost everything Sara's Father falls ill and dies. Sara is left orphaned and must live as a servant in the seminary where she is mistreated and neglected. Things seem to be at their very worst when a mysterious stranger brings a little magic into Sara's life.

I quickly realized that as a little girl I loved the whole story. All the characters had a place in my heart, each chapter was a story in itself- a little gem in just those few pages.

This little monkey that Sara is holding brings the story to its lovely conclusion. It belongs to the neighbor, who, is in fact searching for Sara. He is the business partner of Sara's father. When his partner discovered the mines were indeed not failed he spared no expense looking for Sara, including moving to England in hopes of finding her.

When the news came that Sara's father had died and the mines were in ruins the mean Miss Minchin made Sara put on her oldest black dress and made her move into the attic. Sara was wise beyond her years and I tried to create a sense of this in her big grey/green eyes.

When Sara came to the girls seminary she had trunks and trunks of clothes and wanted for nothing. Later, in the attic, she made friends with the birds on the roof when she would open the skylight to see the stars.

Emily is Sara's only possession after her father died. Emily was a gift from her father, meant to be a companion while she was in boarding school.

Mysteriously, one day packages arrived addressed to the little girl in the right hand attic. They were new clothes and warm coats for Sara to wear. This was part of the "magic" that had recently begun to happen, right under Miss Minchin's own roof.

This is the back side of the sculpture. It tells the story on every side. Because, for me reading the book was so enjoyable it felt necessary to include a representation of a hard cover. I used a photograph of my Sara for the cover and wrote a summary of the story for the back cover. The book is open to my favorite story from the book. Overworked and practically starving Sara finds a fourpence in the gutter while she is running errands for Miss Minchin. She enters a bakery to buy herself some buns and finds a starving homeless girl shivering on the steps of the bakery. She ends up giving all but one of her buns away to the beggar girl. The baker, seeing this through the window invites the beggar girl in and feeds her.

This creature reading my favorite part of the story is Melchisdec. He lives in the walls of the attic and, like the sparrows on the roof, Sara makes friends with him.

So this is my entry for the challenge.  All done with the exception on one lonely bakery bun to go in the basket by Sara's feet.  Hope you like her!  (And her hair -its the first time I have ever worked with a real wig or weft as its called.  It wasn't easy!)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Meet Emily. She has Rosacea.

Isn't she precious? I thought so, last night. So, after she dried and just before I toddled off to bed at midnight I snapped these pictures. If I had one detraction last night it would have been that Emily looks a little forlorn. She's not supposed to be. She's a doll. She should have that blank doll-face look to her.

But this morning it became evident as to why she was sad. Her creator gave her Rosaecea. OOPS! My eyes just have not been working well late at night or early in the morning.Her little cheeks are mottled and splotchy!   Darn it! That's something I'd like to fix, by re-painting, before the hair was glued on.

Here's Emily and a group of friends in process. There's a rat who has a monkey on his back. Really. And three cute birds. What is this motley crew?

Well, in my Cloth and Clay group I am participating in a story book challenge where-in you create your version of your favorite story book character. You may remember from earlier posts wherein I went off on a bender sculpting head after head, in search of my Sara Crewe from 'A Little Princess' I spent so long on that part of the process that now I am burning the midnight oil to get this done in time.

This adorable rat is Melchisdec. I have no idea how to pronounce that. I believe it is French and if any of my followers can help me with that pronunciation I would be ever so grateful.

And this young lady- well she no longer looks like this. Her dress, sadly is grey with only a slight undertone of that turquoise left. I found the perfect hair today at a little wig shop. The shop was stuffed to the brim with what I can only assume were close outs and bargain buys. It was interesting. And so was the language barrier between the ever so cheerful owner and I.  I asked if he ever had wool that I could use for my doll's hair. After I spelled it out for him, w-o-o-l, he asked me if it was for my vacuum. After I used the word- 'yarn', he politely told me he did not sell sweaters. I said "Thank you. Have a nice day." He told me I should go to the beach. It is a really nice day- I wish I could take him up on that.
Hey- I have to make an appearance at work. I hope you have a really nice day and if it includes a beach- more the better!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Our Tea Party

To celebrate the wedding the girls and I had a tea party.  NOT at 5:00 A.M. on a school day mind you.

No, thanks to modern day technology we taped the wedding and watched it Sunday Evening. I tried really hard not to peak at the dress on the news...I failed. But for everything else I did really well at keeping things 'MUM'. Speaking of 'Mum'- loved the queens choice of yellow. She was so cute!

Decorations were purchased.  I kept the budget to twenty dollars. I kept reminding myself that my Grandmother served tea and toast fingers at Diana's wedding and it left very fond memories in my heart. 
This guest just returned from Horse Camp.  She had more fun than legally allowed.  She bounced back and forth between glee and tears as she described her horse 'Leroy' and pledged her undying love to him.

This pretty damsel had all of her lovely locks cut off while she and I hung out for the weekend.

As it always surprises me- they were happy to see each other after a short weekend apart.
Kayla likes tea.  She is after all from my side of the family.

This one- not so much for the tea but all cheese for the camera.

We lifted our gold glittery champagne flutes in a toast to tea and Royalty.  Leroy- or his avatar joined us.

We complimented each other on our gowns and tiaras.  Truly a great tea party- I hope.

And then we had hot dogs for supper.