Monday, May 9, 2011

Meet Emily. She has Rosacea.

Isn't she precious? I thought so, last night. So, after she dried and just before I toddled off to bed at midnight I snapped these pictures. If I had one detraction last night it would have been that Emily looks a little forlorn. She's not supposed to be. She's a doll. She should have that blank doll-face look to her.

But this morning it became evident as to why she was sad. Her creator gave her Rosaecea. OOPS! My eyes just have not been working well late at night or early in the morning.Her little cheeks are mottled and splotchy!   Darn it! That's something I'd like to fix, by re-painting, before the hair was glued on.

Here's Emily and a group of friends in process. There's a rat who has a monkey on his back. Really. And three cute birds. What is this motley crew?

Well, in my Cloth and Clay group I am participating in a story book challenge where-in you create your version of your favorite story book character. You may remember from earlier posts wherein I went off on a bender sculpting head after head, in search of my Sara Crewe from 'A Little Princess' I spent so long on that part of the process that now I am burning the midnight oil to get this done in time.

This adorable rat is Melchisdec. I have no idea how to pronounce that. I believe it is French and if any of my followers can help me with that pronunciation I would be ever so grateful.

And this young lady- well she no longer looks like this. Her dress, sadly is grey with only a slight undertone of that turquoise left. I found the perfect hair today at a little wig shop. The shop was stuffed to the brim with what I can only assume were close outs and bargain buys. It was interesting. And so was the language barrier between the ever so cheerful owner and I.  I asked if he ever had wool that I could use for my doll's hair. After I spelled it out for him, w-o-o-l, he asked me if it was for my vacuum. After I used the word- 'yarn', he politely told me he did not sell sweaters. I said "Thank you. Have a nice day." He told me I should go to the beach. It is a really nice day- I wish I could take him up on that.
Hey- I have to make an appearance at work. I hope you have a really nice day and if it includes a beach- more the better!


  1. Christine I love these dolls!! Emily is so cute, even though she has rosacea!lol. she's adorable!!

  2. Christine, I agree with Joanna, Emily is so cute, even though she has rosacea! She's adorable!! Love the young lady too and I really loved the story at the shop xoxo

  3. i'm thinking you've found your little nitch my friend!! They are adorable!!!!

  4. oh my gosh Chris- that last picture with the doll in the dress and no hair yet- she is gorgeous!!! I also love Emily- rosacea and all! She's so sweet!! The rat is fantastic too- your fingers have been busy :)

  5. Whew! I gave Emily a coat of paint and she looked like she had a thick layer of Caladryl lotion on her (for poison ivy) but then I toned it down and unless my eyes are deceiving me again- she looks all better.

  6. Emily is very cute even she's a little pink....

  7. I think Emily is great and the pics don't make her look like she has Rosacea! Love your other figures too...Mr. Rat is excellent! Looking forward to seeing them all completed.

    Christine, thanks for the LOL with your reporting of the language barrier. Too funny!

    Thanks also for commenting on my blog - just saw your Tea Party post and loved it!



  8. I disagree on the Rosacea diagnosis. I think she is an early-age drinker who is just experiencing the unfortunate side-effect of broken blood vessels on her face from her bad habit. However, I love her and her sad face. It gives her awesome character.

    When you said the man told you to go to the beach, I thought it was another language barrier and that he was actually telling you to have a time-out on the bench or "go to ..." or something like that. Glad to see he meant the actual "beach".


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