Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hey folks-

I'm working on a little re-design of the ole' blog.  I want to include more readily accessible pictures of my art but can't decide if I want pages.... or slideshows or three columns vs. bear with me while all of my personalities compete for some time in the spotlight.  I'll reign them in after I know what the heck I'm doing!!!  OOH- comments are welcome if you have any ideas how to make this site cooler- let me know ((I always wanted to be cool, I did, I was just pretending I didn't care......)


  1. Weird and geeky are the new cool all us odd bods are IT....have fun...figuring out the look of your will evolve... Just make sure you have plenty of time to fiddle faddle to get it how you want it.... My only advise would be, let your personality and art take centre stage not the background.... have fun...

  2. ok, you need to get that top picture outta there, it's cool and all but if we didn't talk the other day about "tabs" (or Pages...was that what we called them?) anywhooo...i would never have seen them if i hadn't been looking! The pic is awesome, but put it in a post and get it off the top! do you know what i mean? when the heck are we going to get coffee??????

  3. As long as it's filled with content that screams YOU...then it's awesome!

    Ciao Bella!


  4. I think I want one of those multi- picture bars at the top but obviously I don't even know what they are called! Or how to get one! I like a strong header area- it just seems to balance the page.
    I adjusted the tabs so they show more in 'advanced' under 'design' and Sara won't be there forever but I just spent like a whole solid month of staying up late into the wee hours to meet that deadline....I have to look at her for a little longer..... I'm vain, I know:)


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