Monday, January 9, 2012

Headless Amy Redux

Folks, I think that means 're-do'.  I know the word only from some movie title- not one that I watched but one that I decided didn't look like it would be worthy of the brain cells it would take to watch it.  And, after that presumptuous statement- I really do hope I used it correctly or at least with style.

After stalking my own post about me, err- I mean Headless Amy, I realized there were a couple of glaring problems.  The floofy ribbon had to go- too much, it was interfering with the elegant line of her neck and compass/head.  I feel much better- don't you?

I dressed up the cage and handle a bit.  I think that turned out nicely.

And sadly, as much as I liked the idea of a mascara brush for an arm- it also was just a touch too much.  Amy is now down to just that 7 cent can opener and some suitcase keys. 

 If you are in doubt of my decision let me tell you I was highly influenced by CoCo Chanel's advice- "Put on all your jewelry and accessories and then...take the last piece off."

I did add some bling to her coat and a nice belt to her dress.  (Sorry CoCo- it seemed appropriate.)

Speaking of 'appropriate' I am very worried about my 80 year old daughter.  I mean 8- eight- year old daughter.  I figured out how to load music on to her i-pod shuffle that she received for Christmas.  First you down load it onto your computer and then copy it to her device, right?  Except that I couldn't figure out how to single out her teeny-bopper tunes and ended up downloading all my music as well as hers.  So, imagine my self doubt when I, standing in the kitchen, hear her proclaim loudly to herself, in the living room, as she scrolled through her new music- "Oh no, I'm not EVEN listening to that!  Its just not APPROPRIATE!!!!"  

Now, really- which one of us is the adult?  Cuz, only one of us just created a self portrait doll that has her head in a cage and a can opener for an arm....


  1. hahaha I love the humourous way you write! The bit about your sweet 8 year old daughter and how mom tried to corrupt her with inappropriate music is particularly funny!

    As for Headless Amy - I had to scroll back to refresh myself on the things you changed and I have to agree with all of them. The new 'hair' accessory is much better and by losing the mascara wand, it really seems to unclutter the piece. That Coco Chanel was pretty smart!

  2. I love her! She looks like she is ruled by a fashion compass :D and her real "head" is locked up in a cage! Makes a statement to me lol So much fun! You have made some great choices she really flows ;)

  3. To be honest, I liked the mascara brush. It was a nod toward all we do to be beautiful on the outside so no one sees the crazy (as much) inside. However, the opener also shows how a woman needs a beer at the end of (every) a long day, so that works too. And I'm a big fan of the loss of the ribbon on the head.

  4. Mel- I so liked the brush, the whole idea of it. It had to go but it was really hard for me!!!! Thanks, for the nod towards the opener:)

  5. Lol, Head in a cage and compass for a new head...She's equipped for any task...and dressed to kill...the modern her. 8year olds, what do they know...send her to her room. Have you ever watched "Absolutely Fabulous" with Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley... serious child parenting going on... it's a hoot. Thank you so much for the lovely comment you left me...really appreciate it. Fingers crossed for success... :)

  6. Wow! your art dolls are awesome ! love them,you are a great artist congrats!


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