Sunday, January 1, 2012

Headless Amy Lives!!!

Here she is, Folks!!!!  For the most part she is finished!!!!  These pics don't really show that she has a greyish tone to her skin and a small amount of crackle-ing here and there.

I have to fix the handle to the birdcage.  I have to adjust her bionic arm so that all the parts and pieces are hanging just so.  Her arm consists of a paint can opener that cost my father 7cents once upon a long ago time, a mascara brush and two suitcase keys.  A thimble covers up her neck stump.  (Creepy saying that!)
I just painted the wagon handle.  I don't like the ribbons in the back but they are there to hide a plastic part on the back of the compass.  Too me the ribbon is a step too much.   Don't likey.

What do you think of her head???  I'm pretty happy with everything- the hair, her eyes and her expression.  

Check out her boot.  Its made with wire mesh armature and then I sculpted a 'shoe' over it.  Didn't know I was a footwear designer, did you?

You are probably wondering what the heck is going on with the base she's standing on.  Well, if you remember her story its based on (me) a lady who is so busy trying to be all and do all but life has gotten away from her especially since she lost her head.  She remains undaunted and continues on with her life because- well, what else is she to do???
So with a few household items, safety pins, screws she puts herself together.  She even manages to remain somewhat fashionable.  

I think we have all felt like Headless Amy at some point or another.  For me it seems like forever now that I have just forged forward simply ignoring the obstacles in my way.  I've paid the price- just like Amy.  And, I like to think once in awhile I can pull together the small miracle of fashionable style.

So that's Amy.  Headless Amy.  A few minor adjustments and she'll be done!  Hope you like her!


  1. I think Headless Amy is fabulous! Love the idea behind her (can definitely relate) and the execution of the idea! Well done!

    Thanks for visiting my blog - and yes, 2012 will be much better than 2011!!

    A year of balance sounds great!


  2. hee, hee.... SO you! i love her!! let's get coffee SOON!

  3. Thanks, guys! Guess what? I chopped off those floofy ribbons and took off the mascara wand. I will repost, tee hee!!!

  4. That is seriously so cool!!! Love it!

  5. She looks GREAT!!!! Thank you so much for the 'elegantly creepy' comment! Love it! That's exactly what I go for with my dollies. ;)

    Headless Amy is fantastic! I love the found art assemblage style you have going on - it creates interest in such a way that keeps your eyes moving to key in on all the details! The more you look the more there is to love! Well done!

  6. She is amazafabulogreatitious!!! I love every single thing about her. Every single detail is wondermous! At first, I thought she was creepy and very Was Craven or Tim Burton, but as I took in each piece I immediately saw exactly where you were going. I love the additions of the compass, the keys, the cage, the shoes, and the wagon. They speak to everything she deals with. She is absolute poetry. A complete novel wrapped in such a small package. Now if all art was this great, I could totally get on board with it!


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