Saturday, January 10, 2009

"Woodland Psychology", a poem by a forty-year old woman

She leaned back into the crook of the tree.
Even with the mid-day sun the woods seemed damp.
Turning her head she said

"Gelatinous. You look ...gelatinous."

With one slow blink of his eyes the frog replied
"Forty. You appear forty-ish."

"Just barely, if don't mind, just barely." That came with a tilt of the head and a narrowing of the eyes.

How did a tree frog master so well the sound of "Harruumph!"?
He seemed unmoved from his previous statement.

Starting anew, she offered a question.
"Tell me friend, do you ever wish for more?"

"Yes, on a slow day I wish for more insects."

She sighed, he was obviously a difficult fellow.
"I meant do you ever wish you were more?

Do you wonder why you are here,
is this all you are, is it enough, do you matter?"

The frog tilted his head and blinked his eyes.

Just as she thought he would surely answer her,
his mouth opened, out shot his tongue to wrap around a bug and draw it back into his mouth.

"It's a good day. Plenty to eat." said the frog.

Frustrated and slightly repulsed
she leaned her head back against the tree
and looked to the sky.

"Gelatinous" she said.

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