Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sculpture update

Hi all!
Just wanted to quickly post these and then I'm off to rest up. Here's how the newest lady is progressing. What do you think of her color? I am quite happy and hope I can keep the yellow/rusty color but as things progress it may change... she'll tell me. I tried a new paint called Glimmer Mist. You spritz it on. Its the burgandy color you see at the bottom of the cloak and also the moss I am trying to represent. How easy is that? Spritz, wait, spritz again. The green vine? Not so easy. I wrapped floral wire with green floral tape, twisted some wire to make leaves and then applied paper clay to give them better form. Then I painted them and will probably paint them again. Next I think I'll tackle her facial features. Anyhoo, just wanted to share her with you!


  1. i likey her! Now be careful, don't go crazy with the paint- remember the baby nursery "situation"... I know how you get :)
    go to my blog sister & see what we'll be wearing this year....

  2. I was there and saw what we won't be wearing....


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