Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Promise Keeper

Remember the doll with the cage on her head?  This is a different version of her as I alluded to in my last post.  This is my entry for the bottle doll challenge- because I am such a good time manager- I don't really need to pay bills or clean my house or raise my children- do I???  So, she is ready to mail off and we will see if ADQ likes her.....I titled her "The Promise Keeper"  as she looks like she's carefully guarding the contents of her bottle.  Good girl!  Don't let too much of that stuff out at once!

This is a perfume bottle that I had in my collection.  At one point I thought I would 'collect' things.  Then I realized that I'm not really a collector.  "Things" hanging around kind of bother me.  Too much clutter in my head to have clutter in my house.

People have been giving me old jewelry for my kids to play with and of course I scope it out first.  The silver and white rope-ish thingy is a perfectly awful bolero someone once wore- a lot...I had to repaint the silver and clean up the white leather.....makes me cringe imagining the rest of the outfit?

The starbursts?  Well, have you ever noticed the hangers on Christmas ornaments?  If you flatten them out they are really quite attractive on their own....see, its not what something is- its what it could be...ask me about Headless Amy sometime...

Jewelry findings and corsage pins and a little paint made up her brooch.  Oh!  And wire armature- love that stuff!  It can be bent and stretched and folded and it!

That brown metal is florist wire- a new thing some clever person came up with.  Very bendable.  I bought it because I knew I'd use it some day....

I'm working on developing a process wherein the skin of the doll looks like old fashioned enamel dolls or like the finish on carousels.... working on it anyhow....

More jewelry from the pile.  This heart looked like something Cleopatra would have worn.  Shiny gold with black stripes.  Not any more.  I painted it and dipped it in those tiny glass beads....not sure what they are called...not drilled, too tiny....

And so there she is....hope you enjoyed she has to get packaged up so she won't break during shipping...good thing I have 20+ years of retail experience- knew it would come in handy...know how to package something really well and if you combine that with my design skills I ought to be able to fashion a really sweet house out of a cardboard box for my retirement.  Kids- go into the medical field.......I'm just sayin'....


  1. She's fabulous Christine! I love her! Don't you just love to get stuff people think is useless but you instantly see possibility in? I never refuse a hand out- that might be why the craft room is bursting at the seams? I can't wait to see her in the magazine- I'm sure she's getting chosen ♥

  2. Love the combination of elements and the flow of the piece. Great work!

  3. Christine... wonderful use of some incredible repurposed jewelry and other finds! You made such a strong design statement with your Promise Keeper! Daryle

  4. O.K., you've got it going on! Very cool! Have you thought of doing 3-D illustration commercially. Not as many illustrators out there doing that. You're a good story teller.

  5. You crack me up! awesome work...

  6. Your bottle dolls are great! I love to recycle and I see you have retrieved a lot of second hand items. The expressions on your dolls faces work so well in bottle art. Shine on!!!

  7. she IS fabulous!!!!! now I know why we haven't had coffee all summer... don't forget me when you're famous!

  8. She's wonderful! Congrats on finishing her. And I know what you mean about collecting. If it doesn't have an immediate purpose then I just can't deal with it. Unless you're talking about stocking up on stuff. That I can do like those crazy coupon people. Just without the coupons. Because who has the time and energy for all that?


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