Sunday, September 11, 2011

Child Labor Becomes Acceptable to Over Worked Mom- news at 6:00

I didn't think I was a proponent of child labor but it turns out I am.  I'm tired.  My house is dirty.  Places that we bathe need to be cleaned.  "Brooke!" I say "Grab the scrubbing bubbles spray stuff and some paper towels or an old wash cloth- you decide- and clean the outside of the toilet."  We like scrubbing bubbles in this house so at first I had a positive reaction.  But which?  the washcloth or the paper towels?  "I'd do the first go round in paper towels, if I were you, cuz you can throw those away.  Then use real hot water on the other...but you decide...however you do it is fine....."

"Wait......"  Dang it, I knew this was coming. My Brookie is a smart cookie.  "Do you mean the part where people sit down?"

Now, wait- before you get all worried- of course I won't have them handling actual toilet bowl cleaner because everyone knows that the minute you hand a minor a bottle of lye that they will trip over their own feet and spill it in their eyes- C'mon, I've seen every scary movie there is and even put together a few screenplays in my imagination!  Scrubbing bubbles are relatively harmless and fun.

"Honey....I know just how you feel.  When the people at the hospital were sending me home with a new baby (you) they said I had to clean you.  Of course I was excited and said I would....and then I said...Wait!  Do you mean the parts where the.........come out?"

"And they said 'yes' even those parts.  So I did.... but I do know how you feel honey.  Now, get to it!"   Which she did and then three hours later I re-did it because really, in terms of clean.....I think she found a way to clean the toilet from two rooms away, if you know what I'm sayin'.

Seven Days......S-E-V-E-N and I'm tired!!!!


  1. Aren't kids great... you bring them home, feed them, bathe them, provide the necessities and more... and yet... when you need them, where are they?

    Just wait... mine is old enough now to THINK she's an adult... and yet she still doesn't get that I'm not her maid. Go figure. I say two more years, and then ready or not, I'm tossing her from the nest.

    Hope you get at least a little rested soon, because you know the kiddos aren't gonna pony up and get everything done for ya!

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  3. What a fun post. Sad to say, they don't get any better at it when they grow up. Oh, they do fine in their own place but as soon as they move back into your house they forget how to clean and leave you wondering how they ever stayed healthy in their own home!

    (sorry bout that deleted post. I should never try to type at 2am with a cramp in my foot)

  4. oh, look how tiny she was!! can you even believe how big our girls are getting? i think as long as you don't have her chained to a sewing machine and it's work in her own home it's ok... at least i hope so cause that's the way it works over here!!

  5. hang in there girl--if it helps I'll tell you that I can almost make a new dog from all the dog hair I need to vacuum up in my house--and we're not even gonna talk about what might be growing in the back of my fridge. Sending you a huge hug :)


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