Saturday, September 24, 2011

 Whew HOO!  We are excited!  For Art Prize!  I know, I know- you aren't here so its just not as exciting for you!  (By the way can you please pray for us in regards to that last adult tooth coming in and pushing those two front teeth together just a little more???)

This work is by artist Terry Brennen and is called "Dumpster Diver".  All of these sea creatures are formed from upcycled or repurposed 'junk'.  Thought you'd like to take a look- but look very closely to see what the pieces and parts used to be- because that's the fun part!

All of the fish you see here and the scuba diver are made from upcycled objects.  Can you see the baby carrier in the scuba diver's belly?  This man is crazy clever.

This tiny squid is one continuous piece of wire.

This artist has been a welder for forty years and this is his first work of art.  He spent a year on it.  Hmmm, sound familiar?

This is my Art Prize lovin' family.  Where do I fit in in this group?  I ask you- from what alien pod did I break free?

I think I should have been labeled with a disclaimer.  "Not for normal consumption."

So much more to share with you.  Things are going well.  The best part of standing next to my sculpture is when people look at it and then start smiling.  That's a great compliment!

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