Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hi Folks!
Finally I got a project finished and am so excited to share it with you!

What is this?  Not a painting exactly- more of a mixed media piece.
Those are real dried grasses that I glued on to that canvas.  Tons of glue!

Its the same picture, three times over.  I was trying to capture the dimension of the piece but its so tall that I can't get real close and get the whole thing in the frame.  Maybe you can enlarge it?

 It took a ton of paint to get that background but finally, finally I was satisfied, today at noon, that it was finished and I could put down my brush and get in the shower!  Whew!  And by the way, if you ask me "how" I painted I have decided to answer "intuitively" which really means I just kept painting and painting until something came of it!  Yep, intuitively.


  1. This is a fascinating piece. I want to come up and touch it (very carefully of course and with clean fingers!).

  2. That is one of my favorite pieces yet. I absolutely love it. It would look rockin' in my living room if you get sick of it!

  3. That's so beautiful! Awesome Work!!

  4. This is beautiful!! What a fabulous creation!

  5. Thank you, ladies. I'm hoping to make more to sell in a local design studio so I appreciate the encouragement!


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