Sunday, January 6, 2013

I'm trying a new art technique!!!!

NO I am NOT!  Ha!  Fooled you!

This is a drawing Kayla brought home.  I found it while I was cleaning out her school bag.  See, once in awhile I don my HASMAT suit and shake out her duffel bag.  Today this fell out.  I lifted the visor of my helmet and yelled for her.  
"What is this?"  I said incredulously "Tell me about it!" 
 "I DID NOT STEAL IT!"  She yelled at me.  
I gave her the look.  "I did not mean that!  Did you do this?"  
"Uh, yeah..." 
"It's awesome!  Did you do it in art class?"  
"Uh, no....I did it at Mackenzie's."  (You can tell there is a lack of trust between us- she still thinks I am trying to catch in the act...of something.) 
"Cousin Mackenzie's?? last night?"  Again with the 'yeah....' like I've lost it and gone crazier than normal.

"Well, why did you you use dark paper?""It was all she had.""Well how did you know to use that color to make her skin?
"I just thought it would work."
"Well, what made you think to put stars by her lips?"
"I thought it would be cool.  Do you like it?""No, I love it.  Any reason you gave her blue and yellow hair?"I thought it was pretty.  Do you?" "Are you kidding? Its great!  I even like that one eye is bigger than the other!  (I might have been testing her a little, there.) "Yeah, me too."  She said walking away."How dare you walk away from me when I am critiquing the best piece of naturally occurring art I've seen in months???" I yelled.  Ok, no I really didn't yell that.Do you ever get the feeling that as grown up artists we might be trying a little too hard?  I mean really!  Look at those lips!  I can't DO THAT!  I'd have to work for hours to make it look like that!  I'd have to have a concept sketch!  I'd have to have a reason behind the two different size eyes!  The hair would have to symbolize SOMETHING!!!!

(You know what causes us to lose our inner child artist?  Children.  And their stinky laundry.  And their temperatures when they whine.."Mommy, my head hurts!" Yeah, its their fault...)


  1. Chris... I gotta tell ya, when both of m kids were in elementary school I invaded their class rooms every Friday to teach a creativity class. We did everything from finger painting, to needlepoint, to designing sets for the school plays... and there was never one single time that I walked away from those classes wondering who was really teaching.

    Yeah, as grown ups we try too hard... at a whole lot of things.

    Tell your daughter, since I am totally unbiased... that is an amazing piece of art!

  2. I will certainly tell her! Thank you, from her!

  3. Love it! Your talent has been passed on. May your daughter also accomplish great things with her artist talent!

  4. That's a great drawing! I love it! The colours are fun. Children's drawings often amaze me. They don't get caught up in the "have tos" they just draw. I agree...I do think adults often try too hard. I do, for sure.:)


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