Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sharing the 9 to 5.

Wonder why I disappeared?  I really didn't.  I'm here.  I pop in to visit once in awhile.  But, alas, the real world has taken over.  If you want to be taken seriously you have to put in the time.  And I do want to be taken seriously as a designer- as long as I don't have to be too serious all of the time. 
Below is a little bit of what I do.  This is a bathroom I drafted up.  First I did an elevation that I can order from.  It tells the mechanical story- what sizes, which style of cabinet and how I want them installed.  This drawing is first a selling tool and then becomes a communication drawing. 

But that drawing in itself did not tell enough of the story.  In order to sell my concept I have drawn another type of drawing- a perspective.  Its not the best perspective out there in the world.  It doesn't have to be.  It just has to get the idea across.  This one, however, could not help itself but to turn out really cute!  Its the little boudoir chairs that do it.
The reason behind this design is budget.  We had a nine foot run and I really didn't want to fill it with cabinets- that would be a budget buster for sure.    However as this is a shared bath- who wouldn't want to use every little bit of counter space available? These girls are young so there is plenty of time for squabbles over the years.  I like to think that each of them having their own designated space will prevent a few? 

Now, lately, I don't do a lot of drawing.  I am learning how to bid on a large scale.  And I bid a lot.  I'm bidding anywhere from one to three projects a week.  I receive a set of plans via e-mail.  I forward them on to my estimator.  I print a set for myself and then mark them all up with what floorings I want where and what prices to budget them at.  That part is interesting- especially as I knew nothing about budgets and how to set them.  Now I am working on setting up an entry level, a mid level and a higher end budget.  

If the company gets the job then they will send in the client and I will spend hours with them while they select their finishes.  Sometimes there is another designer present.  Sometimes not.  Its never the same and its always challenging.

So what do you think?  Drafting isn't really art.  Its a technical skill.  But I love it just the same. 
Take care- I'll be back!

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