Wednesday, May 20, 2009

seriously, God, really??

OK, sorry, rough day in Mommy land with kids who are calling you from the nurses office, making everyone think they are dying but really just need to visit the john, and cars that overheat as you are driving 80, to the dr. with the kid who's not really dying, so that you can get back to the very same school you just left, in time for a 6:00 kindergarten graduation, so you can paste a smile on your face as you work the room trying to make play dates for your other kid who is overly shy and who, you are hoping turns out normal rather than Columbine massacre re-make kid, hoping all the time that your deoderant hasn't given out, because remember the car that was overheating and your dad's advice with a car that is overheating- turn on the heat and the fan so the fan draws air over the engine to make heat for the car- thus cooling the engine, which it did, on the very first day that the temperature crested 88 degrees, there I am bumper to bumper on Plainfeild at 5:20pm, sweat dripping between my shoulder blades, bloodshot eyes tearing up from the sweat off my forehead and remember this above all else- I do not like to sweat, it's yucky. But, there I am, taken back to those old high school days when I would grit my teeth and get in the old maroon Volare' station wagon, willing to hedge a bet on my personal safety just to get the hell out of my parents house. Oh, what I learned about mechanics from that old beast. I know the smell of burnt oil and frozen up calipurs. I can tell you when your car is leaking coolant by the smell of the steam. I know how to get just a little more juice out of a dying battery. I know that you should never ever mess with the timing of a carbuerator and if you run out of gas you might just have to poor a little gas in that very same carbuerator to get it going again. I know that when you drive into a snowbank with a little help from your friends that if the very same friends jump up and down on the bumper it won't really help you get un-stuck and it won't get the snow out of the grille so you may as well come up with a good cover story rather than just hoping no-one notices...yes, I learned a lot from a station wagon...we won't go into the fold down back seat....I think I feel a blog coming on. and, and, what the hell-

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