Thursday, July 9, 2009

hang in there!

I have been way too busy communing with my inner artist to notice all the wackiness the world has to offer lately. Ok, that's a lie, but I have been too busy to write it down. And, then there is the issue with my computer at home. The modem in my computer claims to be in use by another device. What device??? The blender? I don't know and used up all the minutes on my cell phone speaking with "kevin" trying to fix it at 1.95 a minute. Was it rude of me to tell him to quit with the social niceties and get down to business? He's asking how I am- I'm answering that I'm fine and so is my little dog and the meter is clicking away... shut up, Habib and fix my computer! But we ran out of time so here I sit at work typing away. And, with a memory like mine, well let's just say if it doesn't get written down while the thought is rolling around in my head- picture a funnel attached to the end of a slide- the thought rolls right out my ear, or nostril or tear duct, never to be evidenced again. So sorry. Which is probably why I enclosed all those pictures of the paper mache art I'm doing. Couldn't be that I am just so excited that they are turning out so well!!! Ok, have to go work, will edit for spelling later. After I figure out how to type on the blender.


  1. i'm pretty sure if you could rid yourself of the 3 others in your house you could be an art makin' fool!! alas, hindsight is 20/20! :)Looks GREAT, but no, i can't see the text... bring it over.

  2. I keep trying to run away...


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