Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Is this immature? Well, I don't care!

My husband has a cold. He doesn't know it but I do because it's the same ornery cold I had last week that involves a killer headache and over the top- orneriness. I didn't tell him because apparently it's a bad thing if you catch a cold and pass along the virus- after all, one should be able to control these things. If I hear, one more time in my life, "I've caught YOUR cold" in an accusatory tone- well, it will just be one time, too many. If nothing else, my husband has mastered the fine art of blame, passed on from generations of polish people before him.

So I didn't tell him that he may be just a little extra ornery for the next five days. That he should take a tylenol and shut himself away in a room away from innocent bystanders. Nope. Didn't tell him. So I suppose this really is my fault? Probably. Don't care.

After he decided to insult me in five different ways within the first hour of our joyous daily reunion, I removed myself from his presence. He made dinner. I ignored him. I ate peanut butter and jelly and wrapped up his feast and put it in his sandwich box, in the fridge. He went to bed and I settled in to my time alone.

But I was unsatisfied. He really pisses me off. That's all I can say. Life is crappy. I am not happy at work. My kids turn me into a screaming ninny. I have no money. I have to stay up late into the night to cultivate my inner artist so that I don't feel the need to jump off the top of my house. So I really just don't need this person giving me crap, ya know? And, I am not a doormat- I will not accept bad behaviour as routine.

So to air my dis-pleasure I decided to fill his lunch box with rolls of toilet paper. Yes, I am 40 years old. Yes, it has come to this.


  1. i say filling it with toilet paper is better than filling it with shit, which is what i would have done! don't forget i cleaned the toilet with my ex's toothbrush & then laughed gleefully the next morning as he scrubbed his pearly whites!

  2. You know I personally think something more insulting maybe due! I know I'm new here but I have a pain in the ---, well you know at home that is a constant poor me kinda man! He has been home since November and I would PAY someone to steal him! I've had 7 sugeries since we've been together in 16 years and he never went out of his way to help! But oh me oh my let him get sick? The world has come to an end! Did I mention I get migraines? Guess what he does when I have one? Why yell of course! Bloody fool! Please keep us posted what happened next!! I so get every bit of your post! Poor baby, wish you some quiet and happy times, aside from family! Lori

  3. Lori- Thanks for the comment, so you do check in once in a while! I feel your pain, also. I think we both need quiet times away from our families! Seven surgeries? And none of them cosmetic? This has to stop! Chris


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