Sunday, October 4, 2009

I'll be back, I promise, unless I'm dead!

So busy, tired, old, barely the strength to type this note...
yep, overbooked again.

Between the two classes I teach and the two young ones with their homework, the other job, the house, the laundry.....I'm too tired for sex, oops, thought you were the hubby, I mean, I am too tired to be creative! I don't have time to have a thought in my head let alone have a thought do that thing...that thing where it wiggles and jiggles, takes tiny nibbles of my grey matter until it becomes bigger than the other thoughts on the roster, so big and loud that it just has to be let out before the top of my skull pops off. Or itchy, somethimes they are itchy thoughts that have to be scratched open so the questions, opinions, conclusions ooze out.

Nope, none of that going on right now. 'cept for that one thing. The comment made by a student of may need adressing, not so much the comment itself, but more the reaction it stirred in my black little heart and injured, wobbly ego. But another day, hold on, I'll be back.

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