Monday, October 26, 2009

Park place anyone?

Yep, said I wouldn't but who can resist the temptation to peel back those tiny, shiny pieces of laminated paper? Who can resist daydreaming for just a short while of what bills could be anhilated and what could be done with what's left over? How would I outfit my art studio? First with lots and lots of windows, lots and lots of supplies, and lots and lots of me. Maybe even a mini studio with in the studio for the girls. Maybe boarding school for the girls? Who knows, after all, I have to think of what is in their best interests!
I'm keeping this post short. I know the last one was wayyyy too long. But, I had to get there, you know? And, it was a long and winding road getting there. Sorry!!! But if I can't digress in my own blog than what's the point of having one? Have a great and Happy Halloween!

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