Saturday, November 14, 2009

So this is what I have been up to artistically. Now, I have to add that I won't finish any of these (except for the drawing) until after Christmas. Obligations such as teaching have to take the forefront now.
The bottom picture is of a sculpture I call (for now) broken vessel. The lady is from a sketch that has been nagging at me to make 3-d for some time now. Recently, we recieved an order of accessories into the shop and one clay pot arrived broken to smithereens. I reached in grabbed this piece out and knew it was time to get to work on her. I figured I'd get her to this point and then put her up for awhile. She won't let me rest for long.
The next is a sculpture I call bug parade. I made a wall hanging for a boy's nursery and wanted to do something that would work for a girls or boys room. Or grown ups room- if you like bugs! This one should be fun and rule- breaking.
Lastly, I started this drawing last Christmas, I think. It can be hard to capture a person's features in a way that also expresses their personality. I have struggled Kelly's smile for many hours. Kelly and Kyle are the grown up children of my friend from work- Linda. I watch her struggle to find a way to gracefully let go as they enter into adulthood. I hope I do as well as Linda when the time comes. I have a lot of learning to do in that area. Its understandable as my original plan was to keep my children locked in a closet- away from the world and close to me. I'll get there.
As these projects come into full form I'll continue to post pictures. Just wanted to share the in-between, also.

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