Sunday, June 12, 2011

Its official! Art prize and me!

registered like I was supposed to- crossed my t's and dotted my i's.  Filled out some forms on line (big feat for me) and uploaded some pictures.  Then...I waited.  It was now time for venue's and artists to make contacts to secure a venue.  Venue being the establishment that would host your art during Art Prize.  I waited.  Not patiently.  I had one in mind that I had been in contact with- actually I had my heart set on it from the moment I walked through the building last year.  They did not contact me.  

christine mikowskichristine mikowski
Comstock Park, MI
United States
3Dfigurative sculpture
This unfinished, lifesize sculpture stands over 57" tall and approximately 30". She is made of paper mache` and wears a very dimensional gown of flora and fauna made from ... 
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However, the Amway Grand Plaza did.   "Well, that works!"  I thought.  I knew immediately where she should be and hoped that no other artist had taken the spot.  They have a magnificent spiral stair with a lovely garden underneath it.  I could just see her nestled in among the plants.  She would be in the perfect, couldn't have imagined better, spot.  My liaison agreed.  It was actually a short meeting.  I decided to treat myself to a coffee and sat in their outdoor cafe gazing at the skyline of my favorite city feeling the glow of knowing that for that moment everything was perfect and I was excitedly envisioning how the event would go.  This was good, it was all good.  Eventually I wandered home.

To find a message on my answering machine and in my inbox that I could definitely not put my sculpture in the garden, no way no how.  I was crushed.  Technical had vetoed it in a resounding way.  There really was no other suitable spot.  The artists were displaying in this large hall that was the lobby and main thorough fair.  She needs to be seen from all the way around.  She would have to be out in the traffic of all those people- I was sure that she would be toppled over the very first day.

But- I m a bit of a business woman, I am.  (Really I can do this, I thought- problem solving is the true talent of a designer!)  Could she be up on a platform? I asked.  Not anything that would be tippy.  Would she be cordoned off by ropes?  No, but my poster and any information that I would provide would set her aside a little bit. (?What?  I have to come up with propaganda? Geesh!)  Could I create a backdrop of green plants to 'set her off' a bit.  No, that would be a maintenance issue.  It was starting to look like this wasn't going to happen at all.  We even discussed other venues.  It felt like we were both preparing to walk away.

I picked up the girls from school. Drove Kayla to an appointment which happened to be close to downtown.  Decided to give the Amway another look see.  I had in my mind that if the sculpture couldn't be in the garden could she be in front of it so at least there was the visual connection of the greenery.  Was there room?  Would she get toppled over like a mannequin left uncaring in the running of the bulls?  Well, long story short- yes, she  could go there and she may very well get run over.  I have to be willing to take that chance.  I have to trust.

So I called my liaison back with my idea.  He said he'd have to run it by technical- i could tell he was gun shy to give me a yes answer.  I started taking my laptop to work with my e-mail page up.  To listen to music I said.  Really it was to torture myself by checking it every two seconds.  Yes, technical approved the location.  Now it would have to go to the CEO and the president.  Who were away on a golf outing.  TWO business days of this and no answer.  I was definitely cranky from the pins and needles I had been on since Monday.  
Then the CEO approved it.  Then a day later the president approved it.  I was given the go ahead to click my "accept venue button" which I flubbed up three times! 

But- I'm in, I have a home and I can relax now!  By the way- the picture up above is me on the artist's lists.  Me.  On an artists list.  A real one, not just one in my head.

I haven't been posting much in the way of art because I have to dedicate myself to getting this sculpture along a bit more.  I figure that it will be over kill to post pictures of every little milestone- "look, she has eyebrows!"  Especially with my propensity to overpost pictures:) -Eyebrow from the side, Eyebrow from the other side, eyebrow from above, turn off the flash and repeat same understand how hard it is to restrain myself but I am.    Hang in there though!   It is just about time for an update.   


  1. so good to hear the good news !!!!! Go Chris Go !

  2. Congratulations! Chris
    May you have lots of interest in your lovely creation.
    Teresa Swanson in Cloth and Clay

  3. oh my gosh Chris- CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! I can hardly wait to see updates! You are having an amazing year my artist friend :)

  4. I'm happy for your artistic achievements and I wish you luck and inpiración with sculpture. regards

  5. Thanks, guys! I'm pretty excited, this is a big one for me:)

  6. Congratulations...can't wait to see the pictures... yes it's me in Cloth and clay...


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