Wednesday, June 15, 2011

One minute in the mind of a designer.

Hey!!! You're CUTE! No! I mean it, YOU ARE DARLING!  What are You doing in a dusty old place like this?

Let me get a look at you......

That shape! Your style- very haute couture!  Did you used to belong to Jackie Kennedy?  You look like you might have!
Truly, you are proof positive that great design withstands the test of time.

You know what?  You are coming home with me- that's it, that's final, finnito!  What?  5.00?  Are these people crazy?  Do they not know what they have here?  Well, they do not deserve to have you in their presence, not one minute more.  

Now, where will I put you?  I know, the girl's room.  No!  Those beasts will defile you with stickers and grime.  The bathroom?  Hmm, won't fit.  My room?  You don't go with the decor.  Of course I must re-decorate...  Oh, wait, settle down, Chris!

Ok, let's just start with an introduction to the living room....
Did I mention how CUTE you were?


  1. Isn't that what it's like in everyone's head? You should hear some of the conversations that go on in mine! You know that is awfully cute...

  2. You are so Right,,,that Hamper is so cute and it's the best one I have ever seen....Love it!

  3. Ooooh I love it....don't you just love a good bargain find like this. Although I'd pay a lot more for something as nice as this.

  4. bargain hunting without me? Seriously.....???
    love it!

  5. Ah, retail therapy! The best therapy there is sometimes, ESPECIALLY with something so cute! ♥

  6. Mmmm! That delicious banana-yellowy colour and that gorgeous quilted pattern going on round the sides - definitely comes from cutesville!

  7. I totally agree! She is adorable! Also, I love the new blog design!


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