Sunday, October 9, 2011

Every day heroes and the finish line!

I had to lead with this.  I won't be foisting too many more pictures of Art Prize on you unless I think that its so cool you really can't live a full and enlightened life if you haven't seen this artwork.  That's how I feel about this.  I wish I had more of this entry to share with you because its actually four dresses on mannequins and while this one was spectacular you deserve to see all of them.  This one seems very light and innocent while the others are darker- mysterious and maybe just a tad menacing?  Love this little walk on the dark side.

Back to me.  I know- I've not been there for you lately.  My life has been hi-jacked between A.P. and this year's parade of homes, in which my firm has two.  We are designers- we did not build these homes but they have our design print all over them.  The kitchens, the baths the built ins, wall colors, get the picture.  But when the deadline is approaching for parade everyone gets a little psycho.  Not me, so much, because I believe in having balance in your life.  Keeping perspective. I know what's really important.  Blah, blah- nobody cares what I think when they are in the midst of their own personal break down!  Its like a race that's gone bad and someone has yelled "Everyone for themselves!  Try to make it to the finish line- just don't get in my way."  It makes me want to change my profession.  Hmmm.....

How does this segway into 'Everyday Heroes' you ask?  As well you should, you sane and well balanced individual.  
Last Thursday morning I got the kids onto the bus, dressed myself, (no I didn't go down to the bus naked- I think) and made my vehicle go...
(Hey, Thursday mornings are that tough- I work from 9-9 the day before, I don't sleep anymore and I am faced with the thought of going into work one more time, same as last week- you get it, right?) my coffee place.  At which point I discovered I had lost the skill of conversation.  Thank God for every day heroes.  

It went like this.
"Hello, this is Sandy.  What can I get for you?"

My inner voice- Oh crap, a new girl. I can't just announce my arrival and expect my coffee to appear at the window.  I'll have to try to place my order on my own.

 "I'd like the au lait.  No, wait- its Thursday.  Which means I want the Michigan Cherry think you make it with half, that's the OH HELL!  I don't know how you make it...."

Suddenly- there was an interruption- the angels sang and trumpets bellowed- softly, mind you, and a golden light shone down.

"Chris!- Its OKAY."

"Its Tara, 
I'm here,
 I've got it."

Now that may not seem like much to you but if you'd have been'd have seen the whole picture. A zombie (me) driving a car, dressed, styled and made up, asked to complete a  simple task...escalating into something that can only be described as feverishly confused and viral.  And a drive through coffee server miraculously remaining cool, calm and collected- taking over the situation and talking the zombie out of the suicide jump.  They could make a sitcom episode out of that moment.

Needless to say by the time I got to the window,Tara and I were cracking up over our melodrama.  I feel badly for her though.  I think we both know- now, that she can never leave her post at the window.  She can never move on, never better her lot in life- she may as well quit going to college....because until my life changes....I need her right there.  At the coffee window. 


  1. You know, they guy I work with and I had a conversation very similar... my email address is on all of the "submit" buttons for the forms we use... and he told me that I couldn't leave, no one would know how to change it.

  2. are you not going to post pics of the house or is that not allowed. the design was gorgeous, the artwork FANTASTIC and the company the best! we are so glad we drove up for it. when i build a 1.2 million $ home, you are DEF. decorating for me!

  3. and Tara... oh, i am totally laughing!!! i miss you, in real life for real!

  4. i had to make another comment because the verification word is "screw" and i'm childish like that...

  5. Ahhh Chris this made me laugh so hard, I hope you have a great week maybe I'll see you tomorrow!


  6. Hello, Christine
    My son was a Starbucks brista for a couple of years, now you know why they are sooo good at what they do! I am glad your angel Tara was there to save the day for you! It's OK we all have those 'brain freeze' moments, I have heard people rattle off what they want in their coffee and I have no clue how those brista's memorize their 'regulars' who come in everyday for their caffine really does amaze me.
    Hope things go well with the 'angst' you must be feeling with the house projects.
    Teresa S. in Cloth and Clay


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