Monday, October 20, 2008

How I told my 6 year old she was getting shots.

From an e-mail to Misschell:

But for right now I have to get that girl bathed and dressed before I break the news to her that she's getting shots. How should I do it? Listen, little girl, this won't be the worst thing that ever happens to you! Ever heard of cramps? Or, how bout all that trash talk you hear about from Cinderella? Know why there hasn't been a re-make? Cuz, little Cindy doesn't want to tell the world that her prince comes with a hairy pickle and ferments farts out of his butt when he sleeps. No, no, little girl, you just shut up and let the nurse jab you and Mommy will get you an ice cream after wards so that you can further develop your need for sugar and carbs.

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