Monday, October 20, 2008

Late last Spring

So in the morning, when you have waited twenty minutes while a 6 year decides to finally swallow the medicine that will keep you from murdering her and then you have to convince her that if it is pouring down rain most likely her field day will be held in the gym and that she should not wear her winter jacket with the hood up because, again, field day will be held in the gym, and to get the hell out of the closet because she does not need her winter boots because MOM Is REALLY SURE that field day will be in the GYM- inside the building, and no, we will not have time to cut her bangs so she can see better and MOM is sorry that she put the ponytail on the other side of her head but we can't re-do it, because, we spent twenty minutes making sure she took the pill that keeps MOM from murdering her instead of hiding in her underwear.
In the morning when all of this is going on and you have already decided that she will be tardy for school this morning- do not even think, for one minute, not for one second that it is ok to put your make-up container on top of the car. Do not listen to the voice that says it's ok to put it there because the second your hands are free you will grab it. Listen to the voice that says -"that's not a good idea, you'll be picking your make up off the road in a very short time" because I don't know.... if that voice is psychic or just remnants of the brain you were meant to have but..... Ten mile road is a very busy road to be picking up your make-up off of, especially in the rain. Which I am not sure why I didn't again listen to the voice that said "don't even bother" because while a two dollar bottle of nail polish was in relatively good shape there was no sign of my 12.00 bottle of foundation. Now foundation is a good word for that particualr part of the make-up process, as with out it nothing else will really take hold and stay for the day. For me, make up is the foundation of my day. Which is pretty much shot at this point. C.

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