Sunday, October 24, 2010

Had to share this with you!

This is what big little lady will be holding. What is it? Why a bird of course!

The bling? Well, had to do something with the back of the cavity! A ballerina stolen from (yes, Kayla might get it from me...) Brooke's jewelry box will circle around inside her new little world. She's attached to the music box which will be part of the bird. If all goes well a person should be able to turn the key and hear a pretty little song while the ballerina twirls a pretty little dance. Cool, right? Wish me luck.

Oh, yeah- the bling- After shopping blissfully childless and alone at Michael's I purchased 56.00 worth of stuff. I was on a quest to provide a suitable back drop for the tiny dancer.

I bought spray paint to re-silver mirrors- $12.00, and $17.00 worth of glass beads from Martha Stewart. Crushed glass in white, mauve and silver. Foil in case I changed my mind about the paint- $7.00 And then walking out the door I changed my mind on how I wanted to make all this happen. I decided I would buy some Christmas ornaments, crush them up and sprinkle them and the silver glitter glass in a bed of glue. It would be like a mirror but fractionalized. So the paint and the foil never even made it into the house 'cuz I'm returning them!

What do you think?


  1. i always love to see where you art ends up! i'm sure it will be FAB!

  2. youR art... YOUR art, you'd think i'd read it before i hit publish....

  3. I love how the insert looks- what a smart gal with the christmas ornaments and glitter glass! I think the ballerina in the insert is going to be fantastic!!! What did you use to make the wings? Great work Chris!!

  4. Why, thank you very much, ladies. Kim- right now the wings are masking tape over wire but I will cover them in paper clay. As far as the glass idea...sometimes I think and think until it hurts but I usually get there...if only I were as dedicated to other things....

  5. Nice to meet Chris. To answer your question to tell you that I have used crushed Christmas ornaments for some photos. Look here the effects:

  6. Love your sense of humor. You had me with your profile. You're pretty funny. Love your Michael s story. I can soo relate!


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