Monday, October 18, 2010

Things and stuff!

First- I should have mentioned this at the beginning of the month but why be timely? Willowing and Friends is featuring artists from the group every month. I'm one of the first five to be featured. Am I just that good? At begging probably! Scroll down and to the side to see my badge and go visit them- they are right, they are a fun and friendly group!

Two- washer= broken. Sounds like there might be a few pet shop pieces, some rocks and loose change wandering around in there. Hate, hate, loathe (which is worse than hate according to Webster's) laundromats. So thought I'd take a stab at washing clothes in my bathtub in my house with my own familiar dirt. Yep, betting that washers do a much better job than me or Brooke, who I tried to con into swishing the clothes around.
Chinamommy made a correlation about me 'agitating' the clothes a bit better but I'm not sure I did it right. I made a few comments like "ya know, if you jeans were all your cracked up to be you'd just wash yourself" "Sweaters- don't worry, I still want you even if you are looking worn around the edges- I think" "undies- you used to be smaller-I'm just sayin' and bra's- well, you've been letting me down lately!" I don't know- my garments may have lower self esteem but they didn't seem to be too agitated!

Three- Brooke proposed that I pay her a dollar to clean her room all "spic and spaniel". I told her I'd have to see the results but if she could make it happen- go for it!

That's it, three things.


  1. haha! just wanted you to know i was the one that checked "get therapy", but better yet "get a new washing machine". you know you could try Craigs list, it's not JUST for threesome's I hear!!

  2. I'd love to get therapy! Therapists turn off the open sign when they see me coming!

  3. Oh dear - your post reminds me of the time my washer broke and I also
    tried the bathtub (not successful and called the repair guy quickly!)

    "spic and spaniel"? love it!



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