Monday, November 14, 2011

What if this were my last post, ever?

Man, I had a busy weekend...some friends threw a surprise party for me...(It was great- thanks, ladies!)...I'm way behind on the ole' schedule.  So I thought what if I just don't post this week- that would be alright- right?  And then the thoughts came creeping in....what if I was in a horrible accident and never posted again...and my last ever post was my bare naked face covered in huge mountainous zits?

So if you can give me just a couple of days I'll post may be my explanation of how I fumbled the whole "this is where babies come from" fiasco.  It may be this hilarious story that Kayla wrote- and when I say hilarious I mean it- she's a genius.  Or it could be about our not so recent discovery that she has O.D.D. which stands for Oppositional Defiant Disorder, commonly associated with ADHD.  Or it could be about Headless Amy- my newest art doll/self portrait/new friend.  I'm obsessed with her right now.  Probably why I don't have a post ready and why my floors never got mopped.
Oh, the decisions to be the way, did I mention that my friends (Chinamommy and Cheeky Green) threw me a surprise party??  There are pictures.....


  1. Sooo.... are the pictures like the ones of me the last time I had too much tequila???

  2. dang, i'm sad to say your pictures prob. aren't as exciting as acreativedreamer's.... i've got to go check her blog to see if she posted them!

  3. We need pics. No one notices zits on birthday pics. It's part of the Girl Code. I like all those story possibilities, but you know I want to know the ODD story and what you think about the info I sent you in the HUGE email I sent this weekend.


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