Sunday, February 19, 2012

Can you tell what this is?

Can you see what this is?

I know the pictures are bad....

I'll tell you what this is....

Its the reason I haven't been blogging!

 I'm on a deadline!  My first ever commission!
and it looks like I will never meet that deadline.  That's what being sick for a month and a half will do for you- put you way behind.  So I will have to contact the client and let him know I won't be done on time but before I do that I should probably put some clothes on this lady!  Its a piece based on his mother so he would most likely prefer she wasn't naked.  
Truthfully, I've had a hard time with the design concept and that held me up from getting started.  I had a plan that involved deer but then I learned from the client that she was constantly battling those furry creatures as they would eat her beloved flowers.  Back to the drawing board I went!  And this is where I stand at 10:00 this evening- not near done but with a good start.  Oh, well, I am certainly used to flying by the seat of my pants so what else would be new?


  1. Wow that is spectacular! What did you sculpt it in? Is it for the interior or exterior? I think it's a wonderful 3 dimensional piece even without the clothes :)

  2. Ooooo my goodness, you are SO GOOD! Thank YOU for coming to visit me! I too have been busy with my paper mâché products for my Etsy shop and trying to do that while being a full-time teacher is tricky! GREAT DOLLS HERE!!! Anita

  3. wow- this is great so far! I want to know how it started out too- are you sharing trade secrets? I hope you share the completed piece- I want to see more now :)

  4. Good to know I'm not the only absentee blogger lately. The art looks cool. Can't wait to see the finished product!


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