Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Facebook posts- don't ya wanna be my friend?

12 hours ago-

I win. I have the hardest life. I also give. In, that is. Looks like I will be driving BIG RED into work today and my little white mini van will stay home and rest up its battery. Wish me luck that my short little legs can keep my feet on the brake when needed.

9 hours ago-

Well, the F150 and I made it in...it wasn't pretty driving but we got there. I am too old to be driving a stick and putting on my makeup!

2 hours ago-
So, Big Red ran out of gas about 50 yards from the gas station even though it claimed to still have some gas (liar!). I swore, I prayed, I cried and then after meditating for a few minutes-we left the truck in the intersection and walked in the rain to the auto part store and begged for help. I left the girls at the auto place and some twenty year old kid and I walked back to the truck where it started on the first turn. I then pretended that my tube of lipstick was a gun and forced him to drive Big Red to the gas station and wait while I filled it. It ran like a gem all the way home but the girls were not allowed to speak except to pray that it didn't stall at the next intersection (it is after all a lying sack of crap and it might not have been the whole gas thing..) While pouring myself a mixed drink ( my wine is old so I mixed sprite with it so it doesn't taste like rotten fruit) I somehow knocked my yogurt off the shelf and it opened and spilled down the front of me. Thankfully it is Greek and low in calories but high in protein. Speaking of high....oh, wait- that's right, I'm supposedly a responsible adult now.


  1. I do want to be your friend- your life is so much more interesting than mine! LOL. I hope your week gets better--hang in there ♥

  2. It was most definatively a "Headless Amy" moment in my life!!!!!

  3. I think your right, it was a "Headless Amy" she has a great attitude. LOL

  4. Oh honey! And to have to end it all with old wine?!?! I'm soooooo sorry!


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