Monday, July 16, 2012

Pssst...I did it again...she's gonna kill me!

My girl doesn't like it when I take pictures of her when she's sleeping.  "Don't Sleep." Says woman who gave birth to her.  This time, two years later, its morning time that I caught the light on her face.  This is rare- me up before her...I'm a night owl and she, like her father is up with the birds.  Today it must be the dream of butterflies keeping her in this slumber.

Ok, so really I'm trying to learn photoshop.  Before you are too impressed this took me two hours and I haven't showered yet.  On the to do list- everything!  I just got the newest edition of ADQ- Art Doll Quarterly and the challenge is BRIDES.  Why so excited?  Because the idea of doing a haunted or forgotten bride has been hanging around the edges of my creative mind for months!  So haunted- forgotten- perhaps war time bride it is!!!!!

Then there's those paintings in process...can't sell them if they never leave the basement....
But first....have to remove the black from my hair.  uhhh, yeah, that's a story.  For two weeks I have been doing my own personal impression of Kim Kardashian.   Or Elvira would be more like it.  Or Elvis.  Either way- its gotta go.  
I took my hair to a job interview, by the way.  And I looked that woman straight in the eyes, did not back down and acted completely natural.  For a 43 year old woman with Goth hair applying for a sales position, anyways.  Hey, I can only control so much at one time.
And then there is the girls bedroom that I also spent two weeks painting.  One week of prep time, one week of painting two shades of turquoise.  Folks- if I have said it to one person, I have said it to everyone- these two colors are so yummy I could LICK them.   As a designer- with a degree- I am qualified to make statements like that.  I will post pictures as proof but I am way behind right now....must something and then shower...


  1. Great picture...she looks like an angel... :) My daughter always looked like an angel then she would wake up and turn into Devil child... :D. Hope you get the job Goth girl...enjoy your shower...

  2. the picture looks so beautiful- and least you did something in Photoshop! I couldn't even do this :) Hope you catch up soon!!


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