Monday, July 23, 2012

Remember how I said I was painting the girl's room a shade of turquoise that was so pretty I wanted to lick it?

Well, this is it.  I don't know if it shows as well in the picture- perhaps you have to be right on top of it to fully enjoy its depth and luminosity.  Maybe you do have to lick it.  Just sayin'.

Accessories are the finishing touch so I had to get rid of their old jewelry boxes and came up with something new.  By 'came up with' I mean 'wasted a whole Sunday on them'.

Thought I'd share with you- but be kind- I am not the queen of decoupage.
A couple of heart shaped paper mache' boxes and some glass drawer pulls and my stash of images and I was set to go.  For Brooke's box I had altered photo's of the queen herself.  

For Kayla's I used her drawings- the super cute blue line drawings of fashionable ladies.

This way they each had a reflection of the individual girl's personality yet they look great together. 

The last touch was glitter- which really didn't mesh with the vintage-y, paper-y feel of the project but once its on...there's no getting it off so I embraced it as well- GLITTER!  Because in the land of glitter MORE IS MORE!  

Happy Monday, Everyone!!!


  1. Love the colours, very lickable... the boxes are gorgeous too. The girls must be very happy... :)

  2. what a pretty room! You are correct- lickable :) The boxes are sooo pretty too- and isn't glitter a give with little girls?

  3. I am in love with aqua and all related colors right now. I'm trying to stop myself from spending all next week painting my laundry room that color! And the boxes are fab!


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