Monday, July 30, 2012

The Matriarch and the Maiden

Well, I don't know what you guys were all worried about!
She turned out just fine.  I gave the Matriarch an underskirt and now you can see the Maiden.  There.  Simple, easy, done.
   Ok, so really it was me that was in the proverbial quandry, I admit.  Sometimes it gets near to the end of the project and you think you should have been done already but you know things aren't quite right.  And, if you are a busy person this can be a bit frustrating.  After all- I'm on to my new challenge.  Haunted Bride!  Do you know if you research these words on the internet there's really not much out there?  I thought the internet had it all but I was dissaopointed.
 I took a bazillion pictures because I'm insane that way.  Plus I wanted to try back lighting behind the fabric which the above shot shows quite clearly.  Not sneaking that one past anyone.

and I should have brightened up the picture of the back for you but I'm a little lazy.

But feast your eyes on the little Maiden!  Isn't she wonderful?  As long as she stays up on her little hook I promise to love her unconditionally.  (See what I did there- ha!)

You know how I usually have a story with the sculpture?  Well, I don't.  Just the title- The Matriarch and the Maiden.  So how's about you make one up for me.  Tell me what you think this sculpture is all about?  Why is the matriarch so still?  Who's really in charge here?  I suspect it may just be the little person.  What kind of creatures are they, anyways?  Boy, you have some work to do.

She really has a lovely face.  This is my first use of glass eyes and while I still am a big fan of the painted eye, for this project- the luminosity and depth was perfect.

Yes, she's done.  Sigh of relief and accomplishment.  I should probably clean a bathroom, or two, now.  Or find a job.  Or pay bills.  Or develop the story of the haunted bride.  She's from the 30's or 40's and was a war time bride.  She was waiting for her husband to come back from over seas and thought she'd surprise him by greeting him in her bridal gown.  Only he never got off the ship.  Knowing deep in her heart this was a bad sign she decided to wait right there on a bench on the pier.  And there she is to this day- waiting in a beautiful white gown....creepy, huh???  Well, ok, I guess the yucky bathrooms could come first.

Now- tell me what you think the story behind the Matriarch and the Maiden is!  I can hardly wait!


  1. So the haunted bride is a huge story for many seafarers! You should look up ghost stories or something because I can think of at least two that were researched on Ghost Hunters.

    As far as my background homework, I'm unsure because I am lacking inspiration currently. Although, I totally agree with you on the eyes. When I first saw her I noticed how well her eyes worked with her face and with the overall feel.

    Maybe the maiden is the controlling force of fun/jokes/whatever for the matriarch. She has that look to her that she likes to play pranks and whatnot, so maybe she is the childish side to the very stately maiden. Maybe the maiden had a fun and fancy childhood before being forced into an adulthood that hardened her and put her in a place where she had to forget how to have fun and see life through rose-colored glasses, but deep within her lies the maiden she used to be, and occasionally she gets to come out and play or inspire some good fun.

  2. Ahhhh, Mel, good storylines! I like! I will look up GH to check out haunted brides. I know they investigated the Queen Mary and I imagine that to be the ship she was waiting to meet....

  3. She is over the top wonderful! Her eyes are what really draws you in!


  4. Thanks, LuLu!
    I'm so excited that you were able to stop by! I understand how rigorous a publicity tour can be and I am sure your fans are stalking you merciliessly!

  5. I think the Matriach is staring back into her past... On the surface she is responsible and strong and well put together and never goes out with out making sure her curly antenae are polished. But inside her is the young maiden she once was, who is trapped now. She is longing to fly free and do cartwheels and run helter skelter thru a sunlit forest without a care in the world....
    Lovely creations by the way... very intriquing.
    Much luck with the cleaning. :)))))

  6. Melody- what an interesting storyline. I think you pegged how the matriarch is responsible and strong- and trapped, and heck, we'd all like to run helter skelter through a sunlit forest or two!

  7. There could be a fact your story is in the title.
    Will the little one be ever be able to escape?hhmm?


  8. But, which one is the matriarch, and which the maiden?

    Maybe the matriarch has given herself over to the maiden, for a night of fun and frivolity, knowing only to well that her days are numbered.

    Or is she keeping the maiden locked within, in case she does something rash and enjoyable that wouldn't go down very well with the rest of the matriarch circle.


  9. Nigel, you clever guy!
    Like I said before- Who is really in charge? I imagine it could be a symbiotic society (magical, of course) wherein certain members are guardians and keepers of their leaders. But which one is which?


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