Sunday, February 21, 2010

Don't blow my cover!

The family thinks I am preparing for a meeting I have tomorrow. I don't think I can do that until I publish these pictures. I told you all that I would start two sculptures and they would decide which one got done first. This one is winning the race as I am at a standstill on the other one until I figure out/build it in my head- the whole birdcage in the hair thing.
I may have it though, I picked up some very thin wired ribbon at Michaels that I can fashion into hair and wind up and around the cage. I found the perfect size cage in the bead section of Michaels and decided that I would have to make my own. I don't mind including "found" objects in my work but.....I don't know, wanted it to be more me and less mass produced? I don't know where you draw the line there.
Anyhow, this sculpture is from a sketch I call "the source" based on the theory that we create our atmosphere and energy. This lady conveys a kinetic energy- her countenance looks as if it is seeking relief from the halo of frenzy around her. Speaking of found objects the hair is constructed of an artificial greenery that is made to look like the roots of a plant. Bingo, I said when I came across it. That's her hair, roots reaching downward and upwards, seeking, seeking.
That's what I mean by using found objects. I guess I thought using the prefab birdcage was to predictable, taking the easy way out and losing a further opportunity for expression. Settling. I don't want to settle in my art. I can settle on a used car and a less than botique-ish wardrobe, less than optimum physique, but I don't want to settle in an area where I set the limits and opportunities. Do you?

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  1. i love it!!! i refuse to give up my dream of a boutique wardrobe, even for my art.... i'm a snob like that! ;) haha!


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