Sunday, February 14, 2010

Paper mache' for February!

But...never to be completely finished with my to do list....Here's the next one! I saw this done with a china doll back in the 90's. It was the kind of doll that creeped me out so badly that I could not even abide the thought of a future in which I created a doll of any kind. She was a patriotic matron waving a flag and her skirt opened to show another doll waving a flag. What? And, suprise, suprise, the name of the doll was "The Suprise". Well, that is all I am going to say because I strongly believe you should never belittle any one's art. More power to you, creepy confederate doll maker!
But I want to apply the idea in a paper mache format and while I want what's inside to relate to the overall I haven't decided quite how. I posed the question to my peanut gallery and they have had some good ideas. Perhaps her skirt will open to reveal a magical garden. I will leave out the fairies and angels, sorry KAYLA.
But why the rush to the next project you ask? Why not take a break and get your life in order? (WHY not get those art classes formatted- the ones you are supposed to teach at Navigator Artisans very soon?) (Or work on re-formatting the drafting class at Kendall?) (Or take my time spring cleaning the house before my guests come in April, or get trim painted before the new carpet is put in, or...)
Why, I am so glad you asked! I am going to be part of a gallery show in MAY! A consignment gallery in South Haven is having a show to celebrate women, spring, Motherhood, Mother Earth- all that jazz! The family and I were in South Haven for an overnight to get the hell out of our house and I forced them to walk up and down the streets looking for an art gallery to put my sculptures in this summer. I found only one but fell in love. When I had gotten up enough nerve I asked the woman I guessed to be an owner about consignment, showed her some pictures, and she wrote down her number, told me about the show and told me to call her this week. I calmly waited until Wednesday to call so as not to look like a stalker.
So looking at my sad little repertoire of work I thought I should at least get one more done. Six is a nice number. I am going to start two, though and whichever seems to take off that's the one I will concentrate on. Wish me luck! No wonder my kids are brats and I have high blood pressure!

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