Monday, August 16, 2010

Hate it!

Hey- I've been missing in action for awhile! Stuff at work had me mentally bogged down. If I had to describe my boss's mood as a odor it would be some where between a fart and the smell of death and decay. Weekends have been taken up with family re-unions and quick little get-aways. But the good news is I had a playdate with friend Barb and we tried our hand at ENCAUSTIC painting and I fell in love like a teenager the first time a cute older boy showed her some attention. Wait- maybe that's too much of a visual for you...skip that...I just plain fell in love- it was like the seas parted and a great light shone down on me and angels sang in the back ground.....ok, so I get a little carried away. But wait till you see what we did...wait you will- till Barb e-mails me the pics!

Just hate these! Maybe I am being oversensitive but I had such high hopes for these and they just didn't turn out as fabulous as I thought they would.

I wanted to evoke that forever summer/hippie feel and I dunno' I just don't like them. So I will finish the other two and put them away for awhile and who knows, maybe the next time I look at them I will see something different. Do you ever do that with your art?

'till next time ladies!


  1. oh that boss of yours... blame it all to him (or her?) !!! we all need to vent and i hope this blog post helped ;D
    I like what I see but how you feel about it is most important, I guess... but I like it.. it's probably that boss's mood that's affecting your thought about it...
    I have lots of paintings that I really hate... LOTS =)

  2. Sung Hee- You know- that is a good point- I forget how easily influenced by my environment I am. One would think by now I would get that but like pms it sneaks up on me and I'm stuck in the mire before I even realized I stepped into it! Smart girl- thank you!

  3. You are too funny. Your footprints are awesome. I love them...

  4. i also like the foot prints...maybe you are thinking of your boss and instead of farts seeing her as smelly feet? They belong at a lake cottage and you know we live in the state for that!! Don't get rid of them!!!!!

  5. I really love your foot prints- I like how you have them mounted- they are awesome- but I know what you mean about not liking something. I have to put something aside and think about it all the time- sometimes I change it after some thinking time and sometimes I change my mind ♥


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